Mommy and Prince Bendyk

The man whispered, "God, speak to me."
And a meadowlark sang.
But the man did not hear.

So the man yelled, "God, speak to me!"
And the thunder rolled across the sky.
But the man did not listen.

The man looked around and said, "God, let me see you."
And a star shone brightly.
But the man did not notice.

And the man shouted, "God, show me a miracle!"
And a life was born.
But the man did not know.

So, the man cried out in despair.
"Touch me God, and let me know that you are here!"
Whereupon God reached down and touched the man.
But the man brushed the butterfly away and walked on.

MORAL: Don't miss out on a blessing because it isn't packaged the way you expect.

--Author Unknown--

Eyes Wide Awake

Goodmorning peeps! Time check, it's 9 minutes before 3am. Isn't it exciting to see me here blogging? Nah, I'm not on my pyjama. I'm actually wearing jeans and sexy shirt with my fave brown shawl, trying to imagine a snow pouring in here hahaha. I bet you know where I am now. Alright, so I'm here at the office. I am not supposed to be here tonight. But I chose to be here since it's gonna be an OT RD. More shift, more moolah and mind you, it's times 2! Yipee! By the way, it's a great shift tonight. There's not much queu on the phone. We are having so much time here chatting on something with our headset on. The bottom line is, we are just killing time, and they pay us for that. Hahaha!

Actually, I had the best shift ever. It's every Monday, Wednesday to Friday for 10 hours each. That means to say that I have bonggang rest days. that's Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday.

I made myself busy since last week. Last Sunday, we had a sales training from morning until afternoon. It's something new for us, not just for a fact that we are now a sales account, and we are not just a customer service rep., but we are now called sales consultant. And for many months, we again experienced coming to work during the day. The training was awesome. Funny activities made us all laugh at ourselves.

Come Monday, it's another busy night for us. A number of customers was on the line, most are irate and some are so hard to deal with. Pressure on the floor was so intense. You'd just hear some of them shouting "Power Hour!" Right then we should make more upsells, upsells, saves, saves, in other words, REVENUES! No doubt about it, we're now a sales account. I am enjoying it though. A top seller, eh? Consistency reminds me again hahaha!

Talking about hitting sales of $500 and more, that's what they are expecting from me. Everyday?! Woaaah! Let me cross my fingers onto that deal! When I logged out yesterday morning, I hit $442 sales. And as what the sales coach trainer promised the team, whoever hits $400 first will get a treat at Starbucks! Not bad, it's our revenue anyway.

And so I just found myself sipping on a Chocolate Mocha treat bought by Mr. Leo! I even teased him to have this treat everyday for those who hit the target first. Confident? Nah, conceited hahaha!

Last Tuesday, I went to work and it's an OT RD for 6 hours. And from Wednesday until Friday I had to work for 10 hours/day and had to exceed the quota for revenue again?! Whew, but I had to stand up for it. It's fun, anyway so there's nothing to lose. I hope it's gonna be worth it, so we're pleading on incentives boss!

Alright, I gotta shut this off now. Thanks to proxy I was able to open this blog. Ciao now...see yah later! Happy weekend!

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Hey Peeps, I'm Back!

What are you up to guys? Never heard of me, eh? Got my hands so full since last year. Hopefully, I'll be back for good. Talk to my hand hahaha! I don't wanna push myself harder on this, but one thing is for sure, I'll be updating this blog if not everyday at least once a week.

I have a lot of things to blog about, my family, career, life's journey, and a lot more. I just dunno where and how to start. It makes me feel a newbie here. It's been so long since I had my fingers on this stuff. Sigh, but it's true.

The three of us are still the same, playing "bahay-bahayan". There may be slight changes on our lifestyle, and it inspires us even more to look into our prince's future. And all these things aren't possible without God's untiring love and blessings. Glory to you O' Lord!

Working at PS is something that I am already enjoying. It's so fun to be with different personalities. It makes your world a little bit larger than before. Working gets even better as before when you are around with jolly friends and colleagues, supportive sups and QA analysts plus weekly and monthly contests with big prizes at stake.

Got so many stories to tell, and as always, the busy me need to say ciao now...

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Bendyk Turned 4

My little prince just turned 4...

Happy 4th Birthday Baby!

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blogged a lot like before, sigh! But I only had limited options to choose from, as to what to do first, and what to do next... You might notice that there is no such word as "last" in this post other than this one. Why? Eh sa gusto ko, pakialam mo ba?! Taray hahaha! Chos!

It's been a while. As much as I wanted to update this blog, I just can't when a lot of work is on queu. Alright, so now I got this very limited chance of getting through my fingers...

So where have I been for the past few weeks?

September 14-20, 2009 - We spent a week-long "vacation?" in Citihomes. It was a vacation for all of them, but not me...I had my shift at night, and needs to beat my deadline for the proposal. It's not a marriage proposal, oh no! It's a business proposal that I need to accomplish. I had to multi-task and wish there is beyond 24/7...

After a week, we were back here in Camella. Finally, I had to catch a few hours of sleep everyday. It was another stressful week at work. This time, it's not just those iRate Cx, but also those never-ending changes on stats. Oh well, it's alright but the thing is, there is another shift bidding event. And guess what?! My new sched is 10x5 (M-F ; 9:30pm-6:30am) so I had to go to work 5x a week instead of 4x a week huhuhu!

And the next thing we knew was when Ondoy blew Metro Manila in a span of few hours, then it was gone and left us once again an unforgettable traumatic experience. Thank God we were all safe here in Cavite, but just the thought that there's another typhoon coming, named Peping, I would have wished not to go to work that night.

I may be busy most of the days, but I make sure that we don't miss the Family Day. I spend some quality time with my two boys. We go to Victory Church, stroll at the mall, buy some DVD's and spend the rest of the day and night at home enjoying a movie marathon!

And since it's another Monday today, YOURS TRULY is now signing off...Until next time! Ciao!

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Had filled our tummy tonight. I was about to hit my bed again, but I'd rather wait for a few more hours and go online instead. Been sleeping longer than 8 hours. I just wanna hibernate during my off from work since it's the perfect time of appreciating myself at least thrice a week, lol!

It's holiday in the US yipee! Unfortunately, I had to work tomorrow night (my off until Wednesday) in behalf of tonight's supposed work schedule grrrr! I thought I'll be having a super bonggang off from work this week, sigh!

Yesterday morning, I filed a VTO (voluntary time off), but I want it to take effect at 6:00am. Since there were no enough calls then, my sup said "ok!" but she told me to log out at 2:30am...Gosh! It's too early, grrr! Rhea and Kitkat envied me so they also filed a VTO. Where did we spend the rest of the hours? We had a food trip and headed our way to the sleeping room. We were hibernating until 6am. ZzZzzzzz...

Enough for this. It's time to go and check my facebook account...Ciao!

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Missing You...

I miss you...
Oh yes, I really, really, really miss you...
Naks emo ba toh?! Alright, been silent for like a decade (chos!) I was just very busy on errr...hibernating? hahaha! So what am I up to lately? I'm enjoying my laughing moment at work with my bunch of new friends. We're all a great match. And I mean it literally because we all have the same color troubling our minds. You betta check it out if you want lol!
Last week was just like any ordinary week except for me. I went to work without a sleep so I was answering calls as if I am just snoring from within. I attended a birthday party of my hubby's uncle and I was supposed to be off from work just for a drinking session, but my sup didn't let me to be idle even just for a shift, grrr! So yes, I missed the drinking session with my hubby's cousins and of course, I missed the most-awaited concert of that night. lakas noh?! hahaha! I went to work on my preferred time so I arrived late for more than an hour.
No worry though because I'm still off for another birthday party at my friend slash co-worker, Jean which will be held at their house in Antipolo. It's the same date for our batch's getaway night-out party in 8-waves, but Reah and me won't be attending that party. We just made excuses because we wanna celebrate Jean's birthday with the three of us ('D Original Friends) yeye!
Yesterday was our company's Sportsfest grand finals and we originally planned to watch the Cheering Squad competition since our batchmate-friend Eliza was part of it. But then again, Reah and I decided not to come since the competition will start after lunch and our shift ended at 8am and we are very much sleepy then. So we left the office and went to Prieto in Malate to send my gift to Jom, my youngest brother and Reah accompanied me. Take note, we are both commuting to and fro the province. She's from Laguna and I'm from Cavite. Isn't it so sweet of her? She super loves me hehehe!
Today, I just arrived home from work and I haven't dragged myself to bed yet. My prince, hubby and I will go to their house after lunch for a movie marathon with hubby's cousins. So I might as well get some sleep after the movie marathon. I had taken my drugs already hahaha! Just kidding, it's just stresstabs and propan so I may still have the energy to do all these stuff without sleep. Wish me luck!

It's my off from work starting tonight until tomorrow so I'm gonna be hibernating again...ZzzzZzzzz...
Okie, I'm signing off for now...It's lunch time...mwah!
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Nonsense, errr...

Wake up! My mind is preoccupied with things that I wanna do right now, soon, in the future, etc, etc. Am I making sense here? Lol! Everything is scattered so please bear with me. I have to gather all my thoughts for now and organize them to where they should be, amp! I had 3 hours of sleep so I might need to hit my bed again.

What's new? Hmmm...I'm creating another set of blogs (Again?!), sleeping a lot, getting caught in traffic (excuses, excuses, excuses...for being late this week, hayz!) I just don't like my new sched at work (MWFS: 9pm-8am)...What else? Well, I'll try to gain back my senses first. It seems that I am already talking about nonsense here hahaha!

Ciao for now and watch out for my new set of blogs...Mwah!

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Rain, Rain Go Away!

I hate it when we're going out when it rains. It's not really the rain that I hate about, but the way it sprinkles mud on our feet, and worst it leaves stains on the pants. And despite this fact, we're still off to Citihomes and SM today and no rain can stop us from doing so hehehe! I postponed the painting job and spent my Friday and Saturday in bed to compensate for those sleepy days before and after work. Tomorrow will be another working night for me so I have to grab this chance and unwind for sometime, even during this rainy sprinkling day!
Have a wonderful weekend, peeps!!!
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Sore Throat...

It's Friday and I just got home from work. I feel so tired today, arrghhh! It's not about the 10 hours of taking calls. What's getting into my nerves is when I had to deal with Irate oldies while balancing my AHT and QA stats. Grrrr! So I had to explain things, excuses, etc. all over again. It's part of the job though. But I never expected my voice to be huskier like this huhuhu! Anyway, I have 3 nights/days off from work to treat this sore throat. Wish me luck?! The two boys might get in their way and I might can't help it to shout at them again!

We're Finally HOME!

Today is the most awaited event of our moving in for this year. I can't remember how many homes we had for a newbie family like us. And it's another day of moving in and we're finally home, in Camella Homes! Yes, we are all excited! We have been looking forward into having our "home sweet home". For one, I can now continue working on my wild imaginations and make it happen. I have actually started it with exterior painting. Everything is in Amber Rose for the exterior and black paint on the window grills and gate. The first part of our home also comes in Amber Rose. And the rest will be painted in yellow...I'll tell you more about it after getting them done probably during my next day off.

Ciao for now...missing my blog a lot huhuhu!

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Back to Work

It's already Monday and it seems like I have never enjoyed my 3 rest days, lol! Kakabitin! Anyway, I am supposed to be snoring at this time. But I terribly missed blogging woooah! So here I am! It feels great doing what you love especially when you're munching on your faves hehehe!

Last night, as soon as I got home, I went to the kitchen and made my specialty salad: Avocado-Banana Salad ala Kristelita. I poured in lots of condensed milk over ice cubes on the bowl and the result is oh so yummy dessert! And up until now, I'm still savoring its taste! I still waaaant some more!

Gosh! I'll be meeting my brother in Makati Ave. tonight. So I have to be there 2 hours before my shift, which is at 10pm tonight. He just arrived this morning for his 1 day training and he'll be back home (Legazpi) tomorrow morning. I have to prepare now...ciao!

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A Day of Fun: Sunday

I was supposed to start decorating our new home in Camella, but hubby told me to cancel it and do it on my next day off. He went there with the electrician to check the wirings since the last time they did, it was all ruined. Then hubby texted me to bring them a lunch since they are already working on the wirings. So I prepared their lunch and left home with our prince. But before we went there, I dropped by at the hardware to buy a liter of paint. I was planning to paint the kitchen area while waiting for them, which didn't happen because I had to look after our prince who might touch any live wires that are scattered on the floor.
While hubby and the electrician were busy working on the wires, my prince and I were also busy munching on their snacks hahaha! One day was not enough to finish all the wiring works and that there's gonna be another Sunday for that single work, whew! It was almost 5pm when we left Camella. We arrived home in 10 mins. just by walking from Camella Homes' gate to Citihomes.
My prince and I had nothing to do at home so I grabbed my cam while my prince had his best shots hehehe! I'll show them to you later when I come back or probably tomorrow. I just need to go to SM to buy some stuff and hubby's cousin will be tagging along with me.
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We woke up early today and had our early lunch at 10am. Our little prince was very much excited so hubby and I decided that we go to Manila to fulfill his excitement. We had a little shopping and had snacks at Robinsons Ortigas. Until we decided to drop by at my aunt's house in Pasig. They were so happy to see us, especially their ultimate favorite, Santino hehehe! It's been a long time since the last time we visited them.
We left their place at 6pm. Our little prince was so tired and sleepy so we had to take the C5, otherwise, we'll be caught in a heavy traffic. We reached home at 8pm and my prince and I hit the bed right after taking our dinner. It was a very tiring day, but another memorable day for us...
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It's a Real Thing!

I arrived home at 12 noon today. And I have already eaten my lunch. I'm actually ready for a "goodnight" sleep when I decided to peek on my lappie first. Anyway, it was a great shift for me from 10pm until 9am today. I have taken calls from nice grannies and everything was addressed right. There may be times when it's hard to deal with oldies like them, but I also feel pity for them especially those grannies who would mention about their condition. Some of them would wish to change their address for the first line only since they are already living in a nursing home. And some would even mention that what makes their day alive is when they get to read our magazines.
My heart melts everytime I hear stuff like that huhuhu! If only I can comfort them...Anyway, enough for sniffy rants...I better get off from here. I'm super sleepy now ZzzzZzzzz...

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We're off to Camella this afternoon for my painting job (again?!). Yea, I wasn't able to finish painting our home last Sunday so I had to go back to finish it today (wish me luck, hehehe!). As for hubby, he already finished his assignment on pipes and floor. His new task would be the electrical wirings. He should see to it that the electrician will finish the task not later this afternoon.

I feel like I never had days-off from work huhuhu! Oh by the way, Ms. Sup already txted my new sched, and luckily I had the 10x4 sched, which is 10 hours/day and 4 days/week. Sounds great, ayt? I'll be enjoying 3 rest days and that would be Friday, Saturday and Sunday, yipee!

Ciao for now...brb!

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RD Training is Over!

It's our Graduation Day! Yes! Our training for R_____ D_____ account is finally over. And I must say that we will all gonna miss it for it's the time when our (batch 16) friendship started from the Client Specific towards the Nesting period. And since it's our Graduation Day and as promised by our training supervisor, we were given the opportunity to choose our own schedule according to our ranks.

And yours truly got the 8th rank out of 20 agents so whatever schedule that was not chosen by the first 7 agents would be my schedule, which is also part of my chosen scheds. And that would also be the same rule for the rest. But that will be announced tomorrow thru a txt msge from our bubbly supervisor.

But before we left the "confession room", the team with the lowest revenue headed by TA Tinkerbell showed us their groovin' moves which made us all screamin' with excitement. Then we all went down at the lobby area to wait for the RD Supervisors and auditors. We were supposed to celebrate our Graduation Day at Ms. Sup's home in Antipolo, but it's too far so we just settled at Rufo's restaurant. We munched on Rufo's special tapa, which is super yummy! And the next thing I knew, our table was already filled with buckets of beers courtesy of the sups and auditors. I preferred not to drink much of beer because I still had to travel from Makati to Cavite huhuhu! Omi kept on giving us bottles of beer and we just can't say NO. I was already tipsy when I emptied a bottle of beer so I cheated on them hahaha!

There seemed to be no superiorirty over the agents because all of them made us feel that we are very much welcome to the RD account. They rather not talk about work-related topics when it's supposed to be a celebration. We just can't help it, of course hehehe! We are too excited and at the same time nervous because we'll be on our own next week. There will be no more QA's to tell us the what's and how's when we're taking live calls. It's gonna be a different scenario next week...
Ok going back to the celebration, everyone was happy and grinning with laughter. But there was also a moment of emoticons for Jen and Ron. No it's not an LQ. It's two different stories. But I better not talk about it here. To sum it all up, we had a great bonding moment with everyone in our batch as well as with the Sups and the Auditors...We left Rufo's before Lunch and I arrived home at 1:00pm. (Photo grabbed from Jen: Some of us missed the picture taking huhuhu!)

I just had to peek over my lappie so I better get off here...Goodnight to me peeps!

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It's me signing on again...yea, and it seems like a decade hahaha! I had a goodnight sleep (14 hours straight) and this is the reason why I am kicking in the blogger world again.
I guess that 14 hours is enough to compensate for those sleepless nights. I am not complaining about my work though. My body clock has already adjusted to my new life routine, which is to sit and keep my eyes and ears wide awake all throughout my shift, and that is from 11pm until 7am (excluding the 1 1/2 hour trip from Cavite to Makati).
I'm having a great time at work especially when you know that everyone in your batch is your friend. We are 20 in the batch for the (ssshhh..) account and we are all like brothers and sisters. In fact, we are already excited for our out of town trip. Where? We are choosing between Tagaytay and Baguio. It depends on our July schedule though.
Everyone was screaming yesterday because we were told by our supervisor to enjoy our last holiday for this year. You got it right! We weren't asked to report for work last night so we have a total of 3 rest days for this week. And it was really a super "yey!" for all of us because it's...payday!
I arrived here at 11am yesterday and had our lunch. And instead of dragging myself to bed, we (our prince, hubby & I) went to SM to shop around. And it makes me a real happy momma whenever my baby giggles of too much excitement.'s lunch time. I better get out of here for now...I'll be back later tonight. We will be checking our new home in Camella this afternoon. It's a Saturday freakin' day for me and I'm getting excited to paint our new home.
See yah later! Ciao!

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Getting Sexier...

I am getting used to the fast-paced life in the big city, and it's something that I'm loving everyday, errr...should I say every night? Oh well, it's not just the daily/nightly routine that makes me busy. My almond eyes (lol!) are also busy doing their own thing. Curious?

It's nothing serious really. It's just that I am fond of staring at gorgeous and chubby ladies who would pass by me. That only happens when I'm in an idle mode usually when I'm traveling for an hour from Cavite to Makati and vice versa. Whenever I chanced upon a sexy lady, something would pop up and I would start wondering whether she underwent a plastic surgery similar to Beverly Hills plastic surgery which offers all women, young and old a chance to renew themselves and be gorgeous all their lives.

I don't know I am just curious about their figure especially those women who seemed to have a flat tummy despite their motherhood stage. Perhaps, some of them underwent a tummy surgery, which is becoming popular nowadays, like the los angeles tummy tuck . It really feels good to have a flat tummy which I'm thankful of hehehe! The Los Angeles tummy tuck surgery is what many Americans are getting fond of these days. It makes them feel sexier without having a hard time sweating a lot at the gym.

I've been reading a lot of blogs of the same thought and there are really a lot of women who are into plastic surgery. If you are also curious on the same topic, you might also want to read a cosmetic surgery blog. It talks more about how one can transform themselves into something that they have wished to become since their younger years. Have a good read!

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Been Idle for Months

Some of you may be wondering why I have been idle for months already, which rarely happens since I've always been online 24/7 everyday. This may sound exaggerated, but yea I was almost using the internet for nearly 24/7 daily. And I am now missing those days...

There may be regular posts here, but they are merely intended for "business as usual" stuff hahaha! Who wouldn't want dollars, anyway. In other words, I wasn't able to inform you about my daily errr at least weekly escapades.

Reasons? First, I am getting lazy to blog about my personal thoughts when I am only given a limited time to do it online. Yea, I am not yet able to subscribe for a new broadband simply because we are NPA. Errr...It's up to you to spell it out, guys! But hopefully, I'll be getting a new broadband soon. Second, I am still weighing practicality over luxury. I might not be able to go online at home because the rest of the day is supposed to be spent cuddling my pillows and blanket ONLY. Of course, I also needed some sleep. Therefore, subscribing for a new broadband might just be a waste of money on my side. But I still do consider that stuff since friendster and blogspot are websense sensitive in the office, harhar!

So I guess it would be all for today...Ciao!

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