Mommy and Prince Bendyk

I used to buy a plastic mantle for our dining table, but it didn’t last for a month since even a tiny dent or scratch would force me to throw it in the trash. I just hate seeing things at home that isn’t in order.

So when we transferred to a new home, which is where we presently residing in, I decided to buy a fabric mantle for our small dining table. Actually, it took me an hour to decide which among the table covers is pleasing to my eyes. And so I checked every table top display and I’m too grateful that I found the best table cover design that I’m dying to put on top of our dining table right then.

And I must say that I had a good taste especially when it comes to home decors, etc. The table cover looks great. It diverts the attention from the small table to a nice looking cloth on top of it. So if you are just like me who loves to touch your home with stuffs that can enhance it’s beauty, you shouldn’t miss the chance of taking a look at the trade show exhibits, which I just did since I’m still looking for a table cover for my desk.

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Big or Small?

Why do men settle on penis enlargement? It’s a common question that innocent women have been wondering about. Unintentionally, I stumbled upon the x4 labs reviews and read a few messages from those who happened to grab the male enhancement free trial.

Most of them were saying that they really get the satisfaction that the sinrex pills did to them. They are all saying that having a bigger size is one thing that they have been dreaming of since they believed that it will give them the contentment and happiness which they never had when theirs was still small.

Well, I don’t really know since I’m a woman and besides, I’m not really up to the size whether it’s big or small hahaha!. My libido isn’t intense like any woman out there. I’m just an average woman who can be happy in the absence or in the presence of it, lol!

But if you aren’t like me, and you wish something more, then the sinrex pills might be of help. You can check it out by visiting the site and enjoy their free trial. Good luck!

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e File Tax

You know what's good about working as a freelancer aside from earning dollars? It's being free from paying government tax. Unlike before that I was still employed, I have been paying huge amount of money every payday which is far different now since I am getting the exact amount I am working for with no deductions like, insurance fee, tax, etc.

Being free from paying tax every month is already a big help for oneself. Although when you do pay tax, you are also helping the government in supporting its people, which somehow includes us. Well, this should be the perception of all, but now that corruption is already part of the government, civilians would rather wish not to pay their taxes as it might just go to the pockets of corrupt officials.

But this usually happens in our country. As for other nations, people are regularly paying their e file tax. Tax payers can easily access their tax contributions through checking the easily accessed Federal Tax Forms or what they used to call as the State Tax Forms.

Most of the tax payers have no doubt about where do their tax contributions go since they are all living their citizenship in a more comfortable way, which is way better than what we have here in our country. Hopefully, our tax contributions could also reach us all.

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Background Check

A month ago, hubby was informed by his superior to secure a new NBI clearance for updating employment files in the office. I tagged along with my baby since we also had to drop by at the supermarket for some groceries. As we waited for him, I looked around the office and noticed that the vicinity is organized. Each has its designated office for the processing of NBI clearance and other office matters.

As I was looking around, I realized that our government has to keep this kind of system so as to prevent crimes and illegal transaction between employers and employees just in case someone with a criminal record applied for a job. In this way, it could also lessen the possibility of re-occurence of crimes from these people.

There must really be a Background Check or what they call as Criminal Check to avoid more crimes to happen. Although it's just so sad to think that we are already removing employment opportunities from those people who may have had criminal records but wanted to change for good. It's still best that our government, especially these officials to conduct a rigorous Criminal Background Check for the benefit of the majorities in the nation and even all over the world.

This clearly explains why in every company or organization we wish to apply in, we are compelled to submit an NBI or Police clearance just to assure them that we have no criminal records filed in the police.

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Have Fun for Free

Sensuality has been around for so many years since time immemorial. And as a matter of fact many men and women are taking their chances online just to express the sensual side of their sexuality. Yes, it’s been known all over the net the proliferation of online phone sex. Most of these people behind the industry do all these just to earn money, a big of it. However, there’s one only site that exist merely for fun and money isn’t the purpose here.

Both men and women can chat for free at anytime they want to. All they can think about is fun and that’s it. If you are those guys who are hot but worry about spending big bucks of money, now is your chance to grab the growing population in free phone sex.

Aside from being able to have phone sex, you can also enjoy sex chat with many men and women in the chat lines. All these are for free so if you are getting hot now, this is the right time for you to grab your mouse and take a peek on the site. It’s now or never. Have fun!

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Empty Pocket Good-bye

It’s almost two weeks of not getting paid simply because of returned work that I needed to edit and resubmit. It’s only then that the client would pay me. How about my writers? Oh well, as much as I’d want to pay them on the promised date, I rescheduled it again. Good thing they understand. But it’s already the 18th of September and I’m not yet through the returned output. Sigh! How I wish I can finish all these before the sun shines.

Anyway, whether I’d be paid this week or not, I am still going to pay my writers on the date I promised because I know they also need the money. Although it would be hard on my part since I am going to take out my personal budget for their compensation, I guess I need to be more patient and wait for my turn.

How I wish there’s what you call as the fast cash loans which I can lean on should something like this happen again. Luckily, I found it online. It’s a small, short-term loan whose purpose is to help the borrowers in their down times just to make ends meet.

I’m sure many of us have gone through the same situation when salary is delayed or sometimes when an early expense suddenly came up and we have no other choice but too look for something to borrow. Cash advance is really something that can help us all survive the days when we are empty-pocketed.

Wacky World of Credit

Would you believe that hundreds if not thousands of people in every city are fond of getting and using credit cards? For one, the benefit of using a credit card can really not be questioned at all. When emergency knocks, you have something to lean on so there’s nothing to worry about.

Many of these credit card holders are mostly focusing on the benefits of using a credit card. But little did they know that it could also give them a terrible headache should they forget to be practical on this matter? Yes, being wise is the name of the game here. So if you can’t help yourself the urge of endless shopping, is here to rescue you.

The site serves to be an eye opener to online credit card holders. You will be able to read more about using credit wisely, and seriousness aside, you will also get to read some humorous insights about the wacky world of online credit.

How about you? Haven’t you gotten to control yourself when shopping is at stake? Oh well, now is the best time to start and spend your money wisely. Too much use of your credit card can cause you headaches in the end.

Smart Mortgage Rates

Months have passed and I’m still stuck here in our home doing some freelance jobs. Although the pay is really tempting I just can’t ignore the possibility of going back to the corporate world. In that way, I would be able to apply for a housing loan. It’s one requirement that I need to pass so that government institution will grant me the said housing loan.

Now I am already planning of going back to the corporate world as soon as we transferred in Manila by next year. Just this morning as I am thinking of our plan, I realized that I should then start canvassing on the mortgage rates so I know how mortgage really works, if I am really ready to invest in a property and the like. It was just so timely because I happened to browse through the, a mortgage expert website which has been in existence since 1995.

I told myself that this is what I really need as it will help me on my future mortgage plans. Not only me that would benefit from their service because there are already a lot of people who have been grateful of their service. The site also guarantees every customer that they will help us find the mortgage that would best suit our needs, and it’s what everyone has been looking for in every service they wish to take.

Does anyone of you driving a car? How much does it cost you then for repair maintenance? I am just curious here since I am also dreaming of owning one in the future. But I heard a lot of stories on how costly it is to own one, aside from the regular fuel you also have to bring it to a professional mechanic for some repair maintenance should unexpected malfunctioning occur.

But I am not closing my idea of getting one especially that I got new information on car insurance quotes. Yes, it's a solution to every car owner who seem to deal with their cars as problems. The insurance rates will set you free from any burden you are having with owning a car. So if this is what you are actually thinking about for the past few days, now is the right time for you to check this site.

At you'll surely be free on whatever conflicts you are facing with your car. This is no doubt to be a helpful means of driving free from worries; hence, letting you reach your destination with ease. It will certainly be driving with a great car insurance deal.

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Some of my relatives from my mom and dad’s side are working abroad. And just like any other families, they used to send us package at least thrice a year, or when someone is celebrating a birthday and they would send their presents. It really feels good that they never missed a chance of sending us stuffs which cannot be found here in the Philippines.

I must admit that though we’ve been missing them a lot, it still gives us an excitement whenever we heard about the “package” from overseas coming soon. The excitement becomes intense when we are about to open our packages, containing imported stuffs and of course, the apple of my eyes-imported chocolates!

Oh, how I love to receive packages again. Well, it won’t take us long to receive one or two packages now that Christmas is just hundred days to go. While I am thinking about it, I chanced upon the website. My mom’s uncle is residing in the U.S. so I got interested to learn more about this site. And guess what?! It’s all about package forwarding service. Our relatives abroad used to hire the service of one popular forwarding service, but I might also suggest this new found package forwarding service to mom’s uncle, besides it’s also from the U.S. so who knows the package might arrive the soonest time than before.

Plus, I got interested when I read this line, “If you want to sign up for the service, I can make available a trial membership, but you'll need to pay for any goods to be shipped, or their related shipping fees.” Hmmm…I’m pretty sure my mom’s uncle won’t let this chance pass him by especially now that he’ll surely be sending all of us his presents packed in different packages for Christmas.

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Tag Train

I snagged this from my friend, Dianne's A Handful of Surprises

1. Last phone call you received? Hmmm...a week ago from hubby all the way from Cavite
2. Last text message? from my bro who's in Manila right now
3. Do you hate your life? Of course not! As a matter of fact, I'm grateful that God has given me a chance to see the beauty of the world.
4. Do you get mad easily? Oh yes! grrr!
5. What is your biggest pet peeve? None.
6. Are you cold? Nope! I'm damn hot, just kidding! I'm saccharine=sweet!
7. Do any of your friends have kids? Yea, Dhen and Twinx
8. Do you know anyone that is pregnant right now? My aunt
9. Who should pay on the first date? first, second,'s supposed to be the guy hahaha!
10. How many years older than you are you willing to date? 1 year older than me, it's my hubby but before I prefer to date guys who are 3-5 years older than me.
11. Do you have any friends? I got a lot of them, but a few remains closed to me...
12. Do you have any mean friends? I think yes...
13. What is the ugliest color to wear in your opinion? Violet
14. Have you ever liked someone who all your friends hate? Can't think of one...maybe none...
15. Have you ever felt like driving off a cliff, seriously? Was it a suicidal tendency? Oh no!
16. Have you ever contemplated suicide? No way!
17. Do you scratch your ears? Seldom.
18. Who was the last person to hug you? my prince Bendyk
19. What brand are the pant/jeans you’re wearing right now? it's bedtime so I'm wearing my pajama now...
20. How tall are you? 5'2"

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I woke up late today to catch up more hours of sleep since I went to bed at almost 3 am already. You may ask why, well there’s only one answer to that - I had to rush online tasks to meet the deadline. Oh yea, I know I should have worked on it ahead of time. But who can blame me when my imagination gone wild again. Yes my dear readers, being a self-proclaimed interior designer, I once again put some touches in our simple abode.

I rearranged things in the living room, kitchen and our bedroom from the curtains, furniture, wall decors, etc. The most exciting part of my interior decorating is when I had bonding with my kiddo while I cut out the sponge bob images in his ABC poster. I decided not to post the ABC poster on the wall. I just cut out the sponge bob images, instead and voila! It turned out well the moment I posted them on our white painted bedroom wall. So our bedroom now is not anymore dull-looking; in fact, my kiddo and hubby appreciated my artistry.

I just got new curtains for the living room and bedroom windows. But I am still thinking of getting a new set of curtains so we can always have a new ambiance at home. I must say that curtains can also do wonders in interior designing. The only problem that I can see right now is the cord that I used in hanging the curtains. It’s weak to hold the weight of the curtains so it tends to go a bit low and not in line with the corners’ nails. I guess I have to buy curtain rods to hold the curtains firmly.

So I browsed around the net and had my best-found so far. Take a look at the picture below. Isn’t it more creative than the ordinary curtain rods at the mall? It is a wrought iron curtain rod which makes it unique as compared to the usual curtain rods at the mall.

Aside from designing our interior home, I am also finding time to deal with the space at the front of our home. I might put a little garden to freshen up the look of our home’s frontage. To do that, I will be needing a garden d├ęcor like this wall and fence hanger which is what we really need since the space is small.

If this is also your dream to make your own home garden or to treat your home with home decors, I knew a secret which can give you a great discount. Now if you are really up to this, you have to find the WROUGHT IRON GARDEN GATE backdoor on the website. At the backdoor: Go to the homepage halfway down and click on the comma in the line that reads “Our Store now has over 1,300 home & garden items for you to choose from!”

Good luck and enjoy shopping!