Mommy and Prince Bendyk

1. What are you doing?
- Finishing my opps...
2. Do you feel awkward when strangers say hi to you?
- A bit.
3. Is anything upsetting you right now?
- Yes, we can't find an appropriate plug for our LCD monitor so no internet connection still.
4. Have you ever seen someone you knew and purposely avoided
seeing them?
- Hmmm...yeah (blushing!) hehehe!
5. Do you know anyone with such a terribly annoying voice that you can't even stand it?
- Yea, a lot of them...but what I do is to act as if I don't hear anything hehehe!
6. Any message for your ex love?
- Hmmm...Did I feel it then? I won't say anything, lol! He knew it!
7. Do you announce when you have to pee?
- Yes, when I'm with my close friends or with my family.
8. Do you give out second chances easily?
- Nope...I want them to make super suyo pa hehehe!
9. Have you ever cried from being so mad?
- Oh yes! 'Cause I wanna punch him on his face but I can't!
10. Last time you read a text message and smiled?
- Yesterday from Amy (my tita who's the same age as mine). She was inviting me to join them at the rainforest for picnic and swimming at the pool.

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Just in case you are having problem with your eyes, and you already have a clue that you are getting a low vision, it must be dealt right away before it get worse. It is hard to visualize things when you are suffering from eye deficiency, much more when you are not aided with proper eyeglasses.

The New York Times share the same sentiments as you do so it would be better to read on its article about eye care, especially their suggested low eyeglasses frame which according to them can be found at Zenni Opticals.

Zenni Opticals are concerned about caring for your eyes and at the same time your looks. So they come up with a wide array of both high quality and stylish eyeglasses without making you look old. Women are known to be more conscious with their looks so they tend to ignore their eye problem rather than wearing eyeglasses to prevent it from getting worse. But now it is no longer a problem that is hard to deal with.

Plus, eyeglasses at Zenni Opticals are not only high quality and stylish, but also cost lower than the many optical stores in the city. So if you have a tight budget but really need to wear eyeglasses to match your style. As for my pick, this eyeglasses can make me feel fine.

Welcome ME Manila!

This is just a quick post...

Finally, we already moved in the big city since February 12, 2009. The impulsive me decided to pack our things two days before our scheduled travel. And up until now I still feel exhausted. It's just so sad that I don't have an internet connection at home yet. So there's no way for me to channel out myself to make me feel OK! But I'll get one soon when I already have with me my new PC set. I don't rely much on my lappie as it might just be hit with virus.

I'll update you soon...Till here for now!


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If you want to rebuild your credit you have to begin searching for ways online as there are a lot of options for you to choose from. Bad credit based credit cards have chances to become secured credit cards. You only have to find the best credit card offers available online.

When searching for great credit card offers, you must first put in mind the types of credit cards that you need. Sometimes, people seek for credit cards to be used in reporting to major credit bureaus. Some people need them to avail an all around package such as great rates and customer service.

There are credit card offers that are intended for people with bad credit, and this kind of credit cards are notorious for fees inclusive in their credit amount billed. The companies wish to charge an activation fee on a weekly, monthly, annual basis. You will find that some credit cards are exploded with many fees. It's no doubt why a lot of people would wish to find the best and right secured credit cards just to escape numerous credit fees.

Cards that target the people with bad credit are notorious for fees. They want to charge an activation fee, a weekly or monthly fee, annual fee, etc. You'll see so many fees on some cards that it'll make you explode. It's no wonder why it's hard for someone to find the right secured credit card offer.

Home Mortgage Loan

Sometimes people will realize how important it is to acquire a home where their family can comfortably stay in. The best way to purchase one, if you have no enough budget to buy your own home is through a home mortgage. This is probably one of the major decisions that you will have to make and hopefully you can arrive with a positive decision.

Before you jump into availing the mortgage, you must first check at the home mortgage loans offered online, which are mostly of best deals. If you will only do a thorough research, you will be able to find that there are actually thousands of mortgage lenders online. So you can always have wider choices. But of course, you have to make sure that you are getting the best and the right home mortgage. You may also take a look at the various tips as they could mean a big difference between a costly mortgage and great savings.

When you choose a home mortgage loan, you must look at the best deal either on your own or through the help of a mortgage broker. You must familiarize yourself with the financial features of the loan itself, especially if a mortgage broker didn't able to lighten up your queries.

Car Insurance Quotes

Speeding up is not recommended for any driver and so with getting tickets for that. If you are more likely driving in a speedy rat, you will find yourself paying for a big fines so as to speed the regulatory authorities. You can also find many insurance companies that will slam you with high insurance rates. This is all because you are a high risk client, regardless of your age.

The police is always on the road with tickets to give speed driving offenders. The tickets vary in numbers according to over speeding case. It serves as an important information for car insurance companies. They note the tickets received and they will compute the rate based on that tickets. In other words, the more tickets they received, the higher the car insurance quotes that you will have to pay.

If you are 25 years or below, you can keep to speed limits for your car depending on the roads you usually drive in. It must be noted that car manufacturers have considered the capacity of the car they built as well as the environment for which the car will be often seen. And more importantly, it is your safety and other drivers' safety that matter most.

Drive a New Auto Loan

If you are planning to apply for auto loans, you can have it online which is an easier way of processing auto loan application. Plus, you don't have to leave your home. You can have it at anytime you ant to since it is just a few clicks away to direct you in their website. You can check all their price details in the website and application forms are can be downloaded for you to fill up. Application for an auto loan will only take a few days before you will know if you are approved or not.

However, there are a lot of important things that you should consider in applying for an auto loan. Take note that it is not actually the loan that matters, but of course how you can repay the loan you owe to them. And while you are approved for an auto loan, you also have to take note the registration of the car.

You must not forget that it needs to be registered and to be covered by an insurance. Gasoline is also another thing that you have to allot a budget for. Your credit score is also another qualifying factor. If you do have a good credit score standing, then you are more likely to get a low interest rate.

Sometimes we do carry a burden of multiple debts that seem so tough to repay especially if incurred with high interest rates. But in this fast pace world, the loan business sector has come up with ideas on various loan options that will suit the loanee's circumstances. This is where debt consolidation loan exists.

This type of loan is one of the many solutions offered by many lending companies. It gives you the freedom to pay the multiple debts in a single bill. It is ideally offered to people who need an immediate cash, who are bothered with debt and those who have had a bad credit history. There is no need to put any effort in order to be approved for your loan application. The application procedure is quick and it can be availed in no time. Whether your incurred debts are secured or not, you can always rely on a debt consolidation loan to combine them in just a single loan for repayment. You can also pay it in an easy installment, usually every two weeks.

This loan can be availed online so you can always check your credit status and other financial matters in just a few clicks of the mouse. You can easily processed the loaned cash amount and transfer it directly into your account.

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Life is full of challenges and sometimes you don't expect these challenges to throw you into a curve. You must not be ashamed of the state of your finances as these are part of daily living. If you are into this kind of situation, you can always find a relief by applying for a no fax cash advance or payday loan.

The process of loan applicant is simple and it will take you no more than an hour. The first thing that have to do is to fill out short application form and you will have to present a photo ID such as passport or driver's license. An employee of the lending company will enter the information from your application form into the computer. He/She will ask you to provide a proof of employment. Afterwards, you will be told about the result of your application whether or not you are approved for a payday loan.

The employee will then ask you for proof of employment. After presenting a recent paycheck stub and in some places, a blank check from your financial institution, you will instantly be told whether or not you qualify for an payday loan. If given a thumbs up, you will be strolling out the business with cash in hand and a solution to all of your money woes.

Having a payday loan can help you survive the remaining days before you can finally have your salary. But make sure that you spend the loaned amount wisely as there is a percentage charge based on the amount you owe.

Cash Advance

People have always wanted to have cash at their fingertips whenever they want and need to say paying for car loans or medical bills that you sometimes can not afford to pay. That's why people resort to cash advances that really do exist and are easy to grant for its applicants.

Money lending companies would often ask for identification proofs like ID's, driver's license, SSS ID and proof of income. Sometimes a bank account statement is also required for you to have an active bank checking account, which will serve as your collateral for the cash advance you owe. The amount of loan that will be granted to you is usually based on the your current income.

You don't have to be afraid of credit check because whether or not you incurred a bad credit or good credit before, you can always have the chance to be approved for a cash advance. Payment of the amount loaned to you maybe similar to every state. Oftentimes, payment is due on every payday, which makes it easier for you to pay the loan including the fees. There are a lot of companies that offer this kind of service around the country. You can easily locate one ideal lending company through online search.

One vital step to obtain liability coverage for your business is through a business insurance quote. Whether your business is large or you support it with a patner, or simply a home-based business, you can always rely on a business liability insurance

hose entrepreneurs with less idea. In order to have your desired insurance quote, you must answer questions related to your business, the products and services. However, there are some businesses with policies that seem to be confusing when it comes to legal terms, insurance agents, and the like.

By relying your business in an insurance quote can help you find a middle ground. It is because the insurance quote is completely objective and at times serves as an eye-opener to to business owners.

that you offer. Your quote will be comprised of the type of coverage ideal for your business, as well as the amount that you need to pay for the premium.

The first thing that you have to do is to identify the risks involve in your business. In that way, you and the insurer will come up with a better policy that are ideal for your needs. Since your business may sometimes deal with a wide range of liability related risks, an insurance quote can help you tailor your business' liability coverage according to the particular risks involved.

Say for instance, Company A requires a contractual liability which is a part of their liability coverage, while Company B requires a component for the business officials. Under the organizational system of the overall business liabilit insurance, smaller provisions exist that are required to address the specific needs of the business itself.

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No Fax Cash Loan

It's about time that you grab the offer of no fax payday loans at the time you needed it most. Why wait for your payday when you need an immediate cash? If you worry about incurring high interest rates, it's not a big deal with As the name suggests, it offers cheap rates and you can have your loaned cash without any hassle. It's because they do not require further requirements. No need to fax for more documents. You can have it on the same day.

Since they are said to be a lending company that offers payday advances, they are in one way or another helping people in taking care of their short-term financial needs. You can always get a cheap payday cash loan from them. You don't have to worry about having your credit checked further although some of your personal information need to be verified for formality. Payment of the cash loan amount usually ranges every two weeks in a month.

It really makes sense if you also checked other lending companies lowest rates. And you'll be surprised to know that offers the lowest rates for people even those who had incurred a bad credit. Helping out other people is the goal of this lending company. As we all know, most folks these days are applying for a fast cash loan at times when financial emergency arises.

Applying for a payday loan will not affect your credit score. But of course, you are obliged to pay your loan on regular basis to avoid penalty. So if you share the same problem like others do, you can always seek help from them by visiting their site.

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Cash on the Go

A fast cash loan is a short-term loan which offers a means in solving immediate financial difficulties. Some people are facing a temporary financial crisis, perhaps due to poor credit ratings. But most of them need extra cash to support their living until payday. And the latter are mostly qualified for this kind of loan.

If you have medical expenses that need to be paid, you can easily do so if you have cash to go. All you have to know is where you can find the right source for a cash advance. Since it is an unsecured loan, which means there is the absence of collateral should defaulted payments occur. This kind of loan carries extreme interest rates. Thus, you will be charged higher, especially if it is in the form a credit card. So it is recommended that you use the loan when it is absolutely necessary, and of course, when you are already sure you can repay the amount you can spend.

It is a guaranteed short-term cash loan, and it will be deposited into your account within a short time. So to get your guaranteed cash advance, you will be required to pass their qualifications, such as a credit check, proof of employment and your status in your company, proof of identity, and your salary earned every month. After all the processes are made, you will have to expect your fast cash loan to be sanctioned only in minutes or sometimes on the same day the cash will already be deposited in your account.

I'm tired of enduring eye strain after spending more than eight hours in front of my computer. I can't do anything about it since my work compels me to stare at my computer everyday. My sight is blurry sometimes aside from having an eye strain and so I have always been dreaming of Seeing Straight Without Breaking Bank until now. Of course, I need to find cheap eyeglasses to protect my eyes especially now that we are all affected of the Global Economic Crisis.

I was wishing to find
Prescription eyeglasses for only $8! online. I am just so grateful for reading through the headline on the internet that says, Zenni Optical in the New York Times?! . So I read what the article says about Zenni Optical. New York Times recommends Zenni Optical as the best source for cheap but high-quality eyeglasses.

And so I checked it out as soon as I finished reading the article and found a wide array of stylish and cheap eyeglasses to choose from. Here's my pick which I'm sure will look good on me.

February 1, 2009, Sunday - We left El Carlos Resort at 5:30 a.m. and went straight to Cagsawa Ruins. We reached the place in less than 15 minutes by walking. It was cold and windy then which we all love since we rarely wake up early in the morning hahaha!

As soon as we reached Cagsawa Ruins, we all posed in different angles as instructed by our choreographer "kuya" of Cagsawa Ruins hehehe!. Yes, he volunteered to take pictures of us and we were all amazed of how he did it! It's my cam but he did magic on our images. I tried to follow what he's doing on my cam ,but I really can't figure out how he made it. Whew!

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Punk Rocks!

Most teenagers today love the punk lifestyle. From clothes, shoes, hair, body accessories, bags, and even music are all chosen to be punk. Some of punk teens used to wear clothes with a lot of prints, shoes that are unique and personalized by them, hair that is over-flooded with gel and its style is somewhat spiky. Some prefer to have a long hair even for boys and color it with highlights. When it comes to body accessories, they have different bracelets on their arms. Some even have tattoos. Their bags are also punk in style. Mostly in color black and with pin buttons around it.

When it comes to music, these punk people prefer to listen to punk rock. It was the first style of music that show hatred and atom bomb emotions. It all started in mid 1970's when bands such as Iggy Pop and the Stooges, The Ramones, and The New York Dolls first began the anti-establishment mantra for the new generation of teenagers. They do not give a damn what media people will think about them or write against them.

In fact, these punk rock bands do not seek attention. It is the other way around because the media sought for them. They inspired the new generation of teenagers to be wild and care less about self behavior. It's all about having fun to achieve fulfillment in doing anything that they please even if it would mean discrimination for them in the society. But now punk has been accepted by many in the society. If you want to know them better, you may join the Punk Chat City and be wild!

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Sispals Reunion!

That's what we name our group since high school, SISPALS! So after our barhopping which ended at 5am of Saturday, we only had a few hours of sleep and then prepared for our night swimming. We are all 10 who went to the resort: Me and my hubby, Joy, Sarah, Carlo, Mack, Giezelynne and his hubby, and 3 of his hubby's cousins. We cooked food, prepare fruit and macaroni salads, bought fruits and softdrinks, and of course, it won't be complete without 1 case of Red Horse Jumbo!

We all had a great night but not everybody dive on the pool. It was darn cold! as in super cold! But the SISPALS (except for Judy who is in UK) didn't miss the chance to do our own swimming strokes hahaha! According to Joy, she only knows "dog style" and all of us even the boys burst into laughter upon hearing that! Oh my, Joy...the virgin ever hahaha! She translated the langoy aso hays!

Anyway, here are two of our lots of photos that night...

Me, Giezelynne, Sarah & Joy
(after our sumptuous dinner)

Gosh! We are shivering na pero pacute pa rin lahat hahaha!

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I Admire Christians

Generally, I admire Christians than those of different religions. I am actually planning to be converted to Christian since their way of life is only simple, yet they are happy and contented. They love sharing the good news of the Lord and I admire their strength in fighting for God's will. I am already starting to attend Christians' Sunday mass and sometimes join Christian bible study. It always inspire me when I am talking to Christians. They are full of Wisdom bestowed by God. That's why I am interested to hear more of them by joining the Christian Chat Rooms. It will lighten up my mood every time I do that.

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January 30, 2009, Friday - Our Part 2 night-out was held at 3 bars in the city. Yea, we had a barhopping. Me, my hubby, and some of my friends had a drinking spree at Bar 101, Market Market, and Chick'in. But I was surprised that I never got drunk hahaha! I was tipsy, yes. And that made me wonder how I was able to stand straight and look normal after bottles of Red Horse Beer. Maybe I am tougher now than before. I'm looking forward to our next drinking session hahaha!

The Tres Marias since H.S.
Me, Sarah & Joy

Best of Buds
Carlo & Hubby

Culture Collide

Culture differences may leave us wondering on how one person of different race live his/her life in a manner that can also be pleasing to other races. Perhaps, a lot of people of different races also got curious on this which is why they all talk via Free Interracial Chat. I, myself want to get some idea from interracial sharing. After I finish my assignment, I'll go and talk with them too.

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A Couple Tag

How long did you date?

We dated for five years already from August 2003 and counting hehehehe!

How old is he?
He is 24 turning to 25 on May 8. He's year older than me.

Who eats more?
He eats more when it comes to meals. But I eat more when it comes to sweets and pasta.

Who said “I love you” first?
He's the first one who said those words.

Who is taller?
He's taller than me. He stands 5'6" while me only 5'2".

Who sings better?
Me hahaha!

Who is smarter?
I am smarter than him so don't dare cheat on me hahaha!

Whose temper is worse?
I have the worst temper you can't imagine hahaha! He's used to it though.

Who does the laundry?
He does the laundry when he's at home. I only do the laundry when he's not around.

Who does the dishes?
When I'm busy he does the dishes.

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed?
Him. I'm in between them and Bendyk.

Who pays the bills?
He pays the bills, except for the Internet.

Who cooks dinner?
Him. I never learned the art of cooking. Hopefully, soon...

Who drives when you are together?

Who is more stubborn?
Ok fine, I must admit errr....ME!!!

Who kissed who first?
He kissed me first especially when making lambing...

Who is the first to admit when they are wrong?
Me when it's really my fault, but if it's his fault he keeps on pleading and say sorry...

Whose parents do you see the most?
My Parents. His parents are away from him since childhood.

Who proposed?
He proposed but the wedding is TBA! I might be a run-away bride, hope not hahaha!

Who is more sensitive?
I am more sensitive than him.

Who has more friends?
He got a lot of friends, but I don't like them all ssssh! I choose my trusted friends.

Who has more siblings?
Him. I only have 2 bros...

Who wears the pants in the family?
Both. I also want to make my own money to boost my pride, hmp! hahaha!

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Most people today love to chat online and what they love most about it is their chance of airing their emotions. By letting some people know how they feel, a lot of responses may come their way to console them or simply to give advice. There are also times when chatters are happy and a lot of people are there to share with their happiness and even make it more intense. If you are just like them, why not join me to Emo Chat this weekend? It's going to be fun, I tell you.

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Desperate Measures

1. Would you forgive your best friend for sleeping with your husband/wife? I'll never forgive them. Worst, I'll make their life miserable forever! Grrrr!

2. Where were you last week? Out for gimmicks!

1st day - Chick'in with Sarah & Joy

2nd day (Part1) - Bar101 with Hubby, Carlo, Sarah & Joy

3rd day (Part2) (overnight)- Market-Market & Chick'in with Hubby, Carlo, Sarah, Joy & Mac

4th day (Part1) (overnight)- Nightswimming @ El Carlos Resort with Hubby, Carlo, Sarah, Joy, Mack, Gieze & Family

5th day (Part2) (morning) - Cagsawa Ruins with same company

3. Have you ever seen a live bat? Yes.

4. Do you like Big Macs? Yes, but it's too big. Better take Quarter Pounder hehe!

5. Are you single? Yes, but not available hehehe!

6. Do you like the color orange? Yea but light ones lang...

7. Do you find it in your heart to forgive? Yes. It depends on the offense made.

8. Would you rather not eat or not sleep? Not Sleep.

9. Have you ever seen a real redneck? Nope.

10. Do you like tattoos and piercings? Only ear piercing

11. Where was the last place you got your hair cut? Bee Dees Salon & Spa

13. Do you care if people talk smack about you? Yes and they should prepare!!

14. How long do you use the phone daily? only when someone sends me a message and needs a reply.

15. Do you like snakes? Oh my! I hate it!

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A Goth Chat This Time

My kiddo loves to watch superhero shows on TV and every time he comes near me, he would proudly say how brave and strong his favorite superhero is. When I checked the show, I noticed the goth costumes of the characters and I'm just wondering how my son love to look at them. At the age of three, he is supposed to feel frightened of those goth-looking casts in that superhero show. Oh well, he must be feeling a superhero too so he's not afraid of anyone or anything. I'll show him more goth chatters later when I join the Goth Chat Room. I heard that a lot of them are sharing their own goth talks and it might be interesting. How's that?

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What did you wear today?

- T-shirt and Short shorts

What's one thing you want to buy right now?

- Traveling Sling bag

Where do you want to travel to?

- HK and Australia

Who would you go with?

- My Little Prince and Hubby

What kind of food would you eat?

- Italian Pasta and Pizza

What are you listening to?

- T.V. shows (can't watch 'cause I'm busy)

Is there any song stuck in your head?

- A very special love

What do you most feel like doing this week?

- Earn moolah (a lot of it, pls!)

Get up. Walk to your living room. What do you see?

- TV Set

Get up. Walk to your kitchen. What's the first thing you notice?

- Stove

What's your favorite dance move?

- giling giling hahaha! (d me marunong eh!)

What are you thinking right now?

- my pending tasks...

Whats the last thing you bought?

- Nestle Ice Cream

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I am not a fan of vampire movies. But when I got the chance to watch the TWILIGHT movie, I was astounded to see them like that. Physically, they look fine but later you will find how unique their life is. I never dreamed of becoming like one as I don't want to have fangs or suck human blood. What I feel about them is curiosity. I want to learn more about their culture so I guess joining the Vampire Chat City will feed me tons of answers that an ordinary man can't. I also have to suggest this site to one former officemate who really is a vampire fanatic.

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First and Last Tag


* First real job: Service Crew/Cashier @ Love ko 'toh!

* First screen name: chumbabes
* First funeral: My grandfather on my father's side

* First pet: none. never been a pet lover

* First piercing: ears
* First tattoo: none
* First credit card: none. I only have debit card.
* First kiss: secret hahaha! hubby

* First enemy: an elementary classmate

* Last car ride: jeepney
* Last kiss: My hubby

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I Love to Be in Asia

Chatting opens up the opportunity of meeting a lot of people from all parts of the world. But did you know that it always feel good to talk to someone who's the same race as yours? I am Asian and chatting with the same Asian makes me feel more comfortable. So every time I have no important things to do, I often join the Asian Chat. I call it as my virtual hang-out since I seldom go out of the house. My best buddy is my computer and since then I have gained a lot of friends, and mostly are Asian.

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One Word Tag

Here’s the game: you have to answer the question with ONE WORD only and then you have to tag 4 people.

1. Where is your cell phone? TABLE
2. Your significant other? HUBBY
3. Your hair? DRY
4. Your mother? HOME
5. Your father? OFFICE
6. Your favorite thing? INTERNET
7. Your dream last night? FORGOTTEN
8. Your favorite drink? SHAKE
9. Your dream/goal? RICHNESS
10. The room you’re in? BEDROOM
11. Your hobby? PLANNING
12. Your fear? DEATH
13. Where do you want to be in 6 years? AUSTRALIA
14. What you’re not? SELFISH
15. Muffins? OKAY
16. One of your wish list items? SUV

17. Where you grew up? ALBAY
18. The last thing you did? TYPE
19. What are you wearing? SLIPPERS
20. Favorite gadget? LAPTOP
21. Your pets? NONE

22. Your computer? IMPORTANT
23. Your mood? BUSY
24. Missing someone? FAMILY
25. Your car? NONE
26. Something you’re not wearing? JEWELRIES
27. Favorite store? BOUTIQUE
28. Like someone? HUBBY
29. Your favorite color? BROWN
30. When is the last time you laughed? TODAY
31. Last time you cried? FORGOTTEN

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I was into chatting for the past few days and met different people of different races. And you wouldn't believe it, I find Latinas nicer and friendlier than those I have talked with. One of them suggested that if I want to meet more Latina men and women, I can join them in the Latina Chat Room. So it's what I just did! Voila! They are all welcoming and I promised to chat there when I'm bored. How about you? Have you met a Latina before?

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Random Questions #1

2. WHAT WERE YOU DOING 10 MINUTES AGO? Working on my article assignments.
3. IF YOU WERE A COLOR, WHAT WOULD YOU BE? Green because I want everything to be peaceful.
4. MTV, Channel V or MYX? MTV
5. IF YOU COULD HAVE ANYTHING RIGHT NOW, WHAT? Lots of money!!! Can you give me some?
7. FOOD YOU’RE CRAVING FOR RIGHT THIS MINUTE? A chocolate cake from Red Ribbon
12. RADIO STATION YOU FREQUENTLY LISTEN TO? I seldom listen to radio now

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It is quite a challenge to choose a web host. New or Seasoned webmasters do have trouble in finding a proper hosting service for their website. The first thing people would search for in a web hosting service is the price. Who wouldn't want to save money? Saving a few bucks from the monthly web hosting service is already a big help. So if you are also in search, you may always want to find a cheap web hosting.

Have you heard about Lypha web hosting? It offers not only cheap web hosting, but also reseller web hosting. So if you are seeking for one, be wise enough to choose the best. You have to analyze your needs for a web hosting service, especially if you have a large website and with a lot of traffice, a premium hosting plan is the best choice. But you can always enjoy a budget web hosting with Lypha as it only uses a reliable enterprise servers. It also guarantees a 99.998% network uptime per month. So why not try it when this speaks of the best web hosting service that you need.

Tag Train #1

1. What is your middle name? Apuli
2. What color is your mailbox? Colorless hahaha! We don't have it.
3. Are you single? Yes but not available, lol!
4. Have you ever hit a deer? Not yet. I'll try if given a chance hahaha!
5. Do you have to drive over a bridge to get home? Nope.
6. What color is your room? White
7. Do you have a small driveway? Yes.
8. Do you know anyone with the same ringtone as you? Yes.
9. What do you do first in the morning? Eat lunch because it's already lunchtime.
10. What brand is your printer? Don't have one yet. Soon.
11. Do you enjoy fighting with people? Not really.
12. Is your hair naturally straight or curly? Straight and a bit curly.
13. Who was your kindergarten teacher? Ms. Aringo.
14. What is your ringtone? Paano na Kaya by Bugoy
15. Are you taller than your mom? Nope. She's an inch taller than me.
16. What curse word do you say the most when your pissed? Tean!
17. Do you like someone? Yes.
18. Do you enjoy writing in colored pens? Yes!
19. Does anything hurt on your body right now? Yes, my shoulder.
20. Do you often cry during a movie? It depends on the movie. I won't cry if it's a comedy of course.

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Health awareness may lead us asking ourselves if we are taking care of our health. And we also be worried about having toxins in our body. Are you worried about toxins in the body? This made me search for more Colon Cleanse Reviews and found out that there is indeed ways for Colon Cleanse.

A Colon Cleanser is the best way to clean out our colon. This can help us get rid off the harmful toxins in our body. It does that by flushing the excess waste in our body, hence, preventing toxins from reentering our body. This also replenishes our body with fiber, antioxidants, calcium, electrolytes, amino acids, nutrients, Vitamins B and Vitamins C. The process of colon cleansing can be successfully achieved through colon cleanser for it soothes heal irritated colons with the presence of anti-inflammatories.

This colon cleanser comes in various forms. It is also present in berries, so you can eat them or drink them in juice form in order to ingest the nutrients of the berry. There are also available berry colon cleanser that has been already processed and mixed with chocolate, in capsules, and in powders.

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Monday Tag

1. Were you smiling when you woke up this morning? Nope. Missed my article submission.
2. Which is more romantic: sunrise or sunset? Sunset
3. Say a quick quote from a movie. "
4. Would you die for someone? For my family, yea.
5. Last song you heard? Rosalinda hahahaha!
6. Last person you slept with? My little prince.
7. Like/love anyone right now? Yea the 2 boys in my life.
8. If someone did like you, how should they let you know? He tells it to me with embrace.
9. How was your day? Not real good since I woke up late lunch already and later will be busy with my tasks.
10. Do you live near any of your friends? Nope.
11. Are you scared of spiders? Yea.
12. Do you have a piercing? Yes.
13. Where if any? On my ears.
14. What color is your hair? Black.
15. Do you believe in love? Oh yes!

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