Mommy and Prince Bendyk

Got bored after lunch. Hubby was still in Daet so I have no one to talk to the whole afternoon. Bendyk was busy in front of the TV so I can't even disturb him. My bosses are sleeping during the afternoon so I still have no one to converse with. I must admit that I'd rather want to be alone doing my own things, but there are still times when I just can't help it but look for some ways to unwind. And yes, an alternative to my techie-buddy is the mall. I dunno why my feet are itching to go to the mall most of the time.

So before I changed my mind, I called Bendyk to change his clothes and it was my turn after I put his "paraphernalias". In 30 minutes, we reached Mama's house (hubby's granny) to pay her a visit and at the same time asked hubby's 15-year old cousin if she wants to come with us. You see, I can't handle my little prince alone. He's too heavy for my skinny body to carry him the whole afternoon. It's just a good thing that Sweetie excitedly come with us. She's been spending her summer school-break at home so she is also getting bored.

Well, the truth is, we planned to watch for the most awaited heart-throb Sam Milby. We heard that he's coming at 6:00 p.m. this afternoon. And since we still had so much time to stroll around, we let Bendyk played his fave game, basketball and also had his rides. But it seems that he won't take a "no" for an answer when he insisted to ride in that push-car. Oh my, he's getting hard-headed lately. As what most people say, "like mother, like son" seems to be true, lolz!

So there he had it, a push-car for an hour. Whew! Money wasted once again...

I had an eye on that colorful cotton candies near the WOF so I went there and bought two cones, pink and blue. I just dunno why it says in their jar that the pink one is a bubble gum flavor. didn't taste like one. Well, maybe it was just a part of their marketing strategy.

We also went to the Castle Playhouse but we didn't let Bendyk come inside. He's below the 3-year old bracket and according to their rule, the kid must be accompanied by guardians only if both are wearing socks. Well, I don't wear sneakers nowadays so it'll really be impossible for me to wear one. I know Bendyk wants to play inside the Castle but I told him to wait until he turned 3 this coming November.

After an hour, I asked Bendyk if it would be okay for him if we return the push-car since one hour had already lapsed. He agreed but on one condition, we have to eat at Jabee. Whew!

Afterwards, we went upstairs to buy a flash drive. I got the 2 GB so I can store a lot of my files, particularly pictures and digiscrapped images.

And then we headed to Landco Plaza where Sam had sung 3 songs. He is really good in singing and mind you, he looks so charming and sweet. He's not so maarte like the other celebrities who would hesitate to shake hands and even dare not to go down the stage near the audience. He's really a nice guy aside from the handsome face and body he has. I was actually taking photos and videos of him using my phone, but sad to say the light coming from the stage was really irritating. I don't see Sam on the photos taken. I could have just brought my digicam only if I knew that I am going to see Sam in person.

Sam Milby left at 8:00 p.m. so we just waited for hubby at Mama's house. And after an hour we went home and forgot that I've not yet taken my dinner. Maybe I was overwhelmed of Sam hahaha! Hubby had taken his dinner in Naga City so he thought that we already had eaten at the mall before we went home. It's late at night so stores are already closed. It was just a good thing that I bought earlier 3 Chuckies, Chiz Curls and of course, my fave Snickers. Yea, you got it right. These serve as my dinner for tonight except for 1 chuckie which Bendyk took away from my 'office desk' huhuhu!

Me vs. Junky-Healthy meal

It was already past 11:00 p.m. tonight, munching and sipping my instant dinner.

I'm actually multi-tasking at this hour, chatting with Shammy, having my instant dinner and at the same time chatting with mah boss.

Whew! I can't believe it! This is actually my 12th pay-out and for today, I purchased a brand new Hyundai 21" LCD TV. The swing feature allows us to move it to the left or right direction so there's no need to lift it up.

My Prince Bendyk who's so excited to open the box...

Hyundai 21" Flat TV

And the "Swing" feature...

So there we have it, another investment for a newbie family...yey! (wink!)

It's the 15th of April, the effectivity date of my resignation from my previous work. Yea, I decided to leave my job and in the meantime would try my best to be a "wifey momma". It's so strange that for over 2 years of becoming a mom, I never been an ideal mom to my kiddo and a good wife to my hubby. I'm not so sure of this, but I guess it's quite true.

Anyhoo, I started the day cleaning the house, rearranging stuffs from one corner to another and so far it feels good to touch them once again. You see, I've always been a frustrated interior designer so expect everything inside the house to be rearranged once a week or at least twice a month. It makes me feel oh so damn goood!

Done with the general cleaning and assisted my prince bendyk in his milky bubble bath. My prince looks fresh again so I turned on the TV so he could watch his anticipated fave show, wowowee. While the wifey momma went to the kitchen to cook for our lunch. Hubby is at work so no one would cook for Bendyk and me. (sigh!) I found fresh longaniza and was confused on how to cook it the right way. I forgot to ask hubby about it before he left.

Well, I imagined how it looks like when cooked so I figured out the procedures. I washed the longaniza first before putting them on the pan. And then I half-filled the pan with water, and put it in the stove, covered them and waited for a few minutes until the water boiled. I picked every piece of longanizas and sliced each into thin pieces. After that, I put a little cooking oil in an empty pan, put the longanizas on it, sprinkled a pint of sugar to caramelize and put them on the stove. I tossed and turned them on the pan so they won't get burned.

And after a few minutes...

My specialty for today...taraaan!

When you try to look at it closely, you'll notice that some part are a 'lil burned. I found out that cooking this kind of dish sticks on the pan so I had to gather extra effort just to toss and turn them. About the taste, well...I must admit that it doesn't taste good. It's some kinda sour and a bit sweet. I dunno if the problem is with my cooking or the mixture of the one who made it. Sigh! Better luck next time christelle, hehehe!

After lunch, cleaned the table and washed the dirty dishes on the sink, I took a bath and interact once again with my techie-buddy. I have a lot of online work to do. You see, I resigned from my job, but it doesn't mean that I don't work anymore. I deal with data entry, social marketing, and monetized blogging so expect me to be busy everyday like when I was still working in a real office.