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Been Idle for Months

Some of you may be wondering why I have been idle for months already, which rarely happens since I've always been online 24/7 everyday. This may sound exaggerated, but yea I was almost using the internet for nearly 24/7 daily. And I am now missing those days...

There may be regular posts here, but they are merely intended for "business as usual" stuff hahaha! Who wouldn't want dollars, anyway. In other words, I wasn't able to inform you about my daily errr at least weekly escapades.

Reasons? First, I am getting lazy to blog about my personal thoughts when I am only given a limited time to do it online. Yea, I am not yet able to subscribe for a new broadband simply because we are NPA. Errr...It's up to you to spell it out, guys! But hopefully, I'll be getting a new broadband soon. Second, I am still weighing practicality over luxury. I might not be able to go online at home because the rest of the day is supposed to be spent cuddling my pillows and blanket ONLY. Of course, I also needed some sleep. Therefore, subscribing for a new broadband might just be a waste of money on my side. But I still do consider that stuff since friendster and blogspot are websense sensitive in the office, harhar!

So I guess it would be all for today...Ciao!

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  1. dhen said...
    that's why pala. hehehe! nwei, makakaraos ka din nyan. goodluck in everything u do. I badly miss you!

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