Mommy and Prince Bendyk

It's a rainy day and we would have gone to bed all day. But we haven't bought yet to munch on for our Media Noche later, hubby and I decided to go out with an umbrella with us. I just hate going out when it's raining. But we really had to so what can I do?

We went to Metro Gaisano to play at the arcade first and bought some groceries. We also bought some fireworks to light up later at the rooftop. And then we went home to prepare what we'll have for our Media Noche. We're only 6 here so a simple Media Noche preparation will do.

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Off to Legazpi

We just arrived home from Manila. It was a bit tiring trip since I only had a few hours of sleep last night. And we were carrying a lot of bags and luggage with 3 little kids with us. We were afraid that we might not be able to get a bus. Luckily, there's still 7 available seats at Amihan Bus Liner after an almost hour of searching.

Our trip went fine except for Bendyk who for the very first time vomited inside the bus. Whew! I pity him so much. He remained silent for a few hours and later on he was back to his normal state hehehe! We were also able to catch some sleep but since the temperature is very cold we just focused on the movie that's being played.

Our Little Prince with Uncle Bon

And oh, I hate the driver for not stopping at any canteen during lunchtime. We had our lunch at almost 4:00 pm Grrrr!!!! Anyways, we're just so happy that we arrived home safe. Now it's time to say goodnight! I'm super sleepy. Sweetdreams!

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Last Minute Shopping

Finally, we're able to go to Metro Manila. For the past few days we were almost always stuck at home. Hubby and I can't just leave because uncle and auntie might look for us. Now that they are off to Boracay, we immediately dressed up and went to Pasig City to pay my aunt and her family a visit and of course, deliver our Christmas gifts to them. After an hour of chit-chat we decided to leave the place, but we bring along my brother and uncle who's the same as my brother's age to Cavite. They filed their holiday leave in order to celebrate New Year in Legazpi and they will be coming with us on our trip.

But before we went home, we dropped by at Baclaran to buy gifts for our family and relatives in Legazpi. It was almost late but we had to endure the darkness of the place for our last minute shopping since early tomorrow we will be traveling back home.

Ooops! I guess I have to sign off now. I almost forgot that I still need to pack our things. So bye for now! Happy Trip to us!


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Today is hubby's grandma's birthday. Why 17? Oh well, she said she's only 17 hahaha! She's actually 71 years old now, she only interchanged numbers 7 and 1 to make her look young. Yea, she's still cool and funny. It's probably because she got a lot of grandchildren who are all cool and bubbly.

To celebrate her birthday, Auntie Neth and Uncle Harry decided that we go to Circle Island, a resort near the subdivision. We prepared our packed lunch and BARB-Q and hotdogs for ihaw. The day was a no-rainy day so we really enjoyed swimming at the pool. We took a lot of photos and filled our tummy. But I hate the vegie salad, which has pipino in it. But we are all compelled to eat the vegie salad whether we like it or not since Auntie and Uncle said that it's good for our health. Sigh!

wow! Boracay na Boracay! lol!

But overall, the celebration went fine. Everybody's happy as what uncle kept on asking us, if everybody's happy. Yes we are super happy especially my little prince.

For you mama,

happy birthday Pictures, Images and Photos
May you have many many many more birthdays to come! We love you!

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Since everyone feels bored at home, Auntie and Uncle decided that we go to SM Southmall to watch a movie. We were divided into 2 groups and we were only given 5 hours to do whatever we want with our given budget hehehe! So at exactly 4:00 pm we had to meet up at the entrance. Sigh! I'm not used to having a limited time when I'm at the mall. We went there before lunchtime so we had our lunch separately on our chosen place. And instead of watching a movie, we all decided to do some shopping so we can freely choose the best items.

After shopping, we went to Storyland and had some photos taken. Although I'm afraid of heights I decided to join hubby's cousins in the roller coaster so as to conquer my fear. I was too nervous even before I took the seat. I was screaming when the train goes up and down. But when it's about to end, I feel like wanna try it again hahaha!

All in all, it was a very happy day for all of us!

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It's Christmas, and le'mme greet you all a Merry merry merry Christmas! May we all feel the spirit of Christmas not only today, but all year long and the coming years.

How's our Christmas? Well, it's super duper merry and exciting. It's an annual celebration here to celebrate a Christmas party. We had our exchange gifts and had various party games at the rooftop. The games are the highlight of the party because Santa Claus (Uncle Harry) just arrived home from Hong Kong before the game started. He was in charge for the cash prizes, of course hehehe! We all enjoyed the games and everyone was screaming with excitement even the oldies. Before 12 midnight, we went downstairs for our sumptuous Noche Buena.

We all filled our tummy with different foods served at the table. And then Auntie Neth and Santa Claus came carrying Fossil paper bags on their hands. Of course, everyone got very excited again upon seeing the bags. We already had a clue that what's inside if not Fossil watches, either Guess, DKNY or Adidas wristwatches since they also supply these brands. Santa Claus works for a company that produces and supplies branded watches so it's always our wish to have one of their branded wristwatches. They called our names one by one. And when my name was called, yours truly was beaming with smile hahaha! Who wouldn't be, it's a DKNY
watch! Yohoo! 2 Years ago, the Santa Claus couple gave me a Guess wristwatch with diamond stones around it. This time, it's a DKNY gold wristwatch with black stones on its bracelet. Thank you Auntie Neth and Uncle Harry! I had the best Fossil watch among the Fossil watches that night hahaha! We were all teasing about that. Hubby got an Adidas black stainless steel wristwatch and it looks really great too. Our prince since he's still a baby got 3 little cute turtles inside a Fossil case and he liked it very much. He also got a doggie stuff toy. He treated them as for real hahaha! Auntie Neth gave him a pair of Jersey and a Converse shoes.

If the Santa couple gave us their presents, we also gave them a very special and creative present which yours truly wholeheartedly created. It's a digiscrap album where each beloved pamangkin has photos in it with a message for the couple. I encoded our messages and uploaded our photos when I created that digiscrap at Netopi@ since dial-up connection is darn slow at home. For the final touches, Melyn and I bound the photo digiscrap sheets with a green Christmas paper yarn inserted in the holes which looks like a steno notebook but we tied the paper yarn and opened the last portions so as to make a big ribbon out of it. And since it's our gift, we wrapped it in a ready-made mint green paper wrapper and tied the ribbon at the center.

And guess what?! The couple was very happy to know that we also got a present for them. And they appreciate our effort of creating such gift. They both said that it's creative and really like it hehehe! How about you guys? How did you celebrate your Christmas? Hope we all had a merry Christmas this year! Merry Christmas once again! Mwah! Mwah!

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at Netopi@

We reached Alabang Metropolis at exactly 5am this morning and arrived home in 30 minutes. We all went to bed to catch some sleep since we weren't able to sleep well at the bus. The temperature was very cold and we haven't brought blanket with us.

In the afternoon, we all went shopping in Manila. Errr...I guess, it was only our prince who had a shopping spree since Auntie Neth only gave us 3 hours to shop so as not to catch traffic on our way home. It was a quick shopping but I'm so happy to see my boy beaming with smile while holding his new toys and bullcap.

I am bored so I decided to go online here at Netopi@. SM Molino is a walking distance away from home. It's situated beside Citihomes Subd. so no worry if I go home late tonight which I usually do before during our stay here! Hubby will surely understand since 3 hours of shopping isn't satisfactory for me lol!

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Off for a Joy Ride

I only had 3 hours of sleep and now we're off for a joy ride. Again?! Oh yea, as I've said we'll be celebrating our Christmas holiday in Cavite with hubby's family. And I'm afraid I might not be able to update this blog for a week or so. I wasn't able to get an unlimited internet flash drive as I am still weighing practicality over that matter.

We have reserved our seats just this morning at Amihan Bus Liner and will leave Legazpi at exactly 6:30 pm tonight. Hubby's 2 cousins and sister will be joining us in our trip. So I guess, it's a bye-bye for now! Happy Trip to us hehehe!


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My 3-month old cute little cousin was baptized yesterday, December 20, 2008 at St. John the Baptist Church in Tabaco City, Albay. I volunteered myself to be one of his godmothers so to start portraying my role, I also volunteered to do the invitation, banner and event decoration at their home.

We slept there a night before the event so we can do the decoration stuff ahead of time. It was tiring but fulfilling especially when I feel like biting Jake Angelo's chubby face, legs and arms. He's really cute and huggable.

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While I was organizing my files in my thumb drive, I happened to browse some photos which were taken months ago. And I smirk upon seeing how close my prince is to his dad even up to now. Please take a look at the photo below:

Hubby and our little prince

This photo was taken last summer at Wildlife Park & Zoo. It was actually our little prince who got a wish that we spend the weekend at the park. And it was a wish come true. Why did I choose to upload this photo? Oh well, it's nostalgic for me as a mom and a wifey. I am always feeling overwhelmed whenever I see them like that. Our little prince remained close to his dad. For him, his dad is his savior from my cruel hands and his Santa Claus who would give him whatever he wishes.

We were sitting at the grass then and the little prince kept seated on his dad's lap while they munch on our baon together. Just by looking at the photo draws smile on my lips as I am really proud to have them both in my life. They are my treasure whom Santa had given me as my wish. And I'm sure they also feel the same towards each other. That's why I am also treasuring this photo as my keepsake and CIEVA will help me with that. It's way better than other digital photo frames available. You will also get to join the contest and be a lucky winner of the $500 cash prize. 1 random entry will be drawn everyday so goodluck!


Joy Ride?!

Yesterday, I got an overseas call from hubby's aunt and she asked me if it's possible for us to celebrate Christmas with them in Cavite. She and her hubby will be coming over to spend Christmas in the Philippines. Hubby was also asked and he said yes. So I am starting to think that if it will be pushed through then it's gonna be a joy ride for us. We just arrived home from our Manila trip and on Sunday, we'll be leaving again for Manila then Cavite.

Oh well, it's gonna be a wonderful vacation for the three of us. Hubby and I really needed a break from our tiresome and stressful work. And for our little prince, we want him to go to different places and be exposed to things new to him so he'll get used to it.

In that case, I have to prepare my cam for more and more photos again, lol!

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Late this afternoon, my prince and I went malling to eat our dinner. I've had enough with canned goods especially now that hubby is away from home again. So we decided to eat our dinner at the mall. After filling our tummy we stroll around the mall to find Christmas gift items for special people. It took me hours to decide which is best from better. That's actually me. I really have to think each shopping item over and over again. Comparison and budget are my bases when buying.

I only got two items bought for almost 3 hours of strolling around the mall. I'll do another set of rounds next time. But I have to make a list before I hit the mall again. Christmas really makes me feel generous again hahaha! Well, it's the spirit of Christmas that makes us all want to share some love to people close to our hearts. So if you think I am close to your heart, cash or goods are fine with me, lol!

But whether I receive a Christmas gift or not this Christmas, it's fine with me because I am already thinking of giving myself personalized holiday gifts. And I'm eyeing on that personalized thumb drive where I can put my name and some text on it through laser engraving. And since I also can't live without a pen, I am also planning to purchase that personalized pen from which offers 3 unique styles.


If I were you guys, if you haven't gotten yourself a Christmas gift or you are thinking of the best gift that you can give to your special someone, I'd suggest that you get them a personalized thumb drive or a business card flash drive for busy people. I'm pretty sure that they will like it since everything is only a thumb away from them whenever they need their files or browse through photos, videos, or music files.


A 3-Day Trip was Over

We left Legazpi on the 7th of December and spent 3 days in Manila. We had a quick but great vacation, especially my prince who got very excited in everything that he sees in places we went to. We arrived home on the 11th of December just after the sunrise. We are still tired and seemed overwhelmed of the "adventure" my prince and I had gone through since it was really never planned. As for my hubby, traveling is his cup of tea.

I've got a lot of stories to tell and photos as well. And speaking of photos, I haven't gotten a time yet to organize my files online and from my flash drive. That'll be my next assignment in the coming days. I really need to sore my ass now as I don't want 2009 to knock on me with a handful of backlogs. Sigh!

I'll keep you updated soon...I mean it soon hehehe! mwah mwah!

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Economic crisis is overpowering almost everyone of us, and as a matter of fact has been hitting all over the world. At this time, spending for not-so-important things is no longer part of household's expenses. Thus, we tend to look for freebies or at least spend less. But since Christmastime is all around the corner, we never want to miss the chance of talking or chatting to our love-ones and friends from different parts of the world. Doing that would also mean spending bucks per minute. No worry though because you can do it by having a free chat through chat lines. You could also get to chat with adults to meet as friends by logging in the adult chat. So why spend more bucks of your money when you can save by grabbing this free adult chat.

Off to Manila

The impulsive me packed up some of our clothes just a while ago. Our little prince and I will be traveling with hubby on his trip to Manila tomorrow morning. He will be attending a meeting with his boss and fellow auditors. I dunno from where I got the idea of traveling again. The last time I went there was months ago errrr almost a year, I guess. And now my feet are itching and been telling me to walk far away from my native land. But this time, with my prince. It'll be his second time since I've been roaming around the big city when he was still in my tummy hehehe! yea, i was a lakwatserang tesbun then. My baby and I used to wait for his dad who's studying at AIMS then. Those were the days, hayz! kakamiss hehehe!

Oh well, need to sleep now. Hubby warned me that if I make tulog like a mantika again, he won't let us come with him huhuhu! The wifey momma is signing off...ciao!

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