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Signing On After a Decade, Lol!

It's me signing on again...yea, and it seems like a decade hahaha! I had a goodnight sleep (14 hours straight) and this is the reason why I am kicking in the blogger world again.
I guess that 14 hours is enough to compensate for those sleepless nights. I am not complaining about my work though. My body clock has already adjusted to my new life routine, which is to sit and keep my eyes and ears wide awake all throughout my shift, and that is from 11pm until 7am (excluding the 1 1/2 hour trip from Cavite to Makati).
I'm having a great time at work especially when you know that everyone in your batch is your friend. We are 20 in the batch for the (ssshhh..) account and we are all like brothers and sisters. In fact, we are already excited for our out of town trip. Where? We are choosing between Tagaytay and Baguio. It depends on our July schedule though.
Everyone was screaming yesterday because we were told by our supervisor to enjoy our last holiday for this year. You got it right! We weren't asked to report for work last night so we have a total of 3 rest days for this week. And it was really a super "yey!" for all of us because it's...payday!
I arrived here at 11am yesterday and had our lunch. And instead of dragging myself to bed, we (our prince, hubby & I) went to SM to shop around. And it makes me a real happy momma whenever my baby giggles of too much excitement.'s lunch time. I better get out of here for now...I'll be back later tonight. We will be checking our new home in Camella this afternoon. It's a Saturday freakin' day for me and I'm getting excited to paint our new home.
See yah later! Ciao!

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