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It's been a tiring week again. I had to make a hole in my couch for 10 hours a day. My blogging session is excluded in that time range so I really have to make a daily time plan to meet everything that I have to deal with everyday. And that of course will include my time for my Prince Bendyk, his bubble bath, food/milk intake, napping hours, and pre-education; keeping our home neat and organized is also another thing that I do daily; I also make it a point that I alot time for myself and for my hubby...
Now let me do the math...if in a day there's 24 hours, how long will my sleeping time be? If hubby is at home, maybe I can sleep for 7 1/2 hours; if he's out of town, I can only sleep for 6 hours. Why? Hubby is the one in-charge for the breakfast and dinner preparation so I have nothing to worry about my anacondas hahaha! But if he's not at home, yours truly usually do suffer from nosebleeding (lolz!) thanks for the "instants"...
Enough of the complaints hahaha! I am loving it though. I'd rather be busy, playing 3 roles (yaya to Bendyk, muchacha @ home, freelancer) everyday. I feel lika a superwoman hahaha! And mere the work inspires me more to stay for that long hours as I am able to triple the income to that of in a regular office. So I think I really have to start making a daily time plan...soon!
Anyway, been spending much of my time here. I just dropped by to relax after long hours of working. It's time to get back to work again kristala! Ciao!

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Hubby is on his way to Manila today. They will be having a meeting with the boss. And so Bendyk and I are alone again. We are going to spend the night without hubby, so I am a bit afraid. Unlike before, hubby's cousin stayed with us every time he's on his trip. But now that the classes begin, I don't wanna disturb any of his cousins just to be our "security guard" hahaha! God is with us so I feel at ease spending the night with only the two of us.
But Bendyk seemed forgotten that his dad did kiss him before he left. So when he woke up, he hurriedly looked around and went to the sala and screamed, "asan dadee ko?!" The next thing that happened was a 'lil boy crying and a mom who can't find the right words to comfort him. I just decided to treat him out for a Jabee treat. We went to LCC Mall, ate and strolled around. I also bought him another disposable basketball ring/ball so he won't miss his dad, and the Little Genius Math Flash Cards that I am planning to use for his pre-education every Sunday. I'll post the photo when I got a chance.
Till here for now as I still have tons of tasks to work on...ciao!

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Home-Made Lounge

I uber heart interior designing since I was just a kid. I used to tweak almost everything in our old home. I rearranged the sofas, wall decors, beds, etc. almost every week. Mom and dad were used to it, seeing a new living room, dining room and bedroom every time they left and came home. I dunno how it started, I just love to stay at home while the other children were busy playing. You'd often find me locked in my room, holding a pen and a clean sheet of paper. I used to make floor plans and interior designs, and later on was able to learn the basics of architectural perspectives. I guess it all started from there and since I was just a kid, I was using our home as my sample creations.

I missed those times when I enjoy myself with my so-called playmates: my pen and clean sheet of papers. And now that I am left here, I am itching to do my passion...

Why "home-made"? We haven't bought our own lounge set because of four reasons:

(1) We are located in a calamity prone province so I am afraid that should a super typhoon hit us again (hope not pls...) it would be hard for us to save such a big set of investment. I would surely cry a lot with just the thought of wasting a big amount of money.

(2) We don't have our own home to stay for years, so it would be hard for us to move from one home to another with a big lounge set. It could only mean another expenses for a truck rental fee. Yea, I hate wasting money.

(3) It is not included in our budget list in the coming months. With all the monthly expenses that we have to finance, I'm sure it will leave us broke huhuhu!

(4) We won't be staying here in the province for many years. We are already planning to transfer in Manila either this year or early next year. Meaning, carrying a very bulky cargo is the least thing we would wish to do. Having it transported through a cargo carrier would definitely cost us a lot.

And so for practicality purposes, I decided to apply my "creativity" hahaha!

Here it is...

Our "home-made" lounge


Unused camping bed
Extra single mattress
Zebra printed single bedsheet
2 heavy hotdog pillows

Side rack...

Mom and dad's old TV side rack (Nageffort me tanggalin yung screws just to separate it)
My witch broomstick (I didn't throw it after the party because the tiny set of branches is expensive)

Big Fabric-made butterfly (I got it from my aunt's wedding cake stand hahaha!)
Year of the rat treasure chest figurine

Photo Album-Frame

Paper Weight (filled with sands) Shark

And my prince Bendyk uber heart it too like I do...

So our TV/Movie marathon is much more comfortable now...

Until next time...ciao!

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Tagged by Mayan

My Foundation: Renow-D (cheap but effective pwamis!)
My Mascara: Kloge from Sophie Martin
My Blush: AVON Cheek Jelly
My Day Cream: Nah...
My Lipstick: Kloge from Sophie Martin
My Beauty Product Brand: Skin White
My Essential Beauty Product: Facial Cleanser
My Favorite Makeup Product: It's either Sophie Martin's or Avon's
My Perfume: Clinque Happy - Orange
My Nails: trimmed fingernails while my toenails can either be trimmed or not, or have it painted or not
My Feet: St. Ives Intensive Healing Therapy lotion
My Hands: Skin White

Three Products to bring on a deserted island:

why only three? sigh! can i just bring my luggage? lolz! ok, ok...toothbrush with included toothpaste in a box, bath soap and OFF insect repellant lotion...

Woman I Admire for their Beauty: KC Concepcion (almost perfect!)
Woman with the Best Sense of Style: can't think of anyone with the "best"...
My Ultimate Dream: That may we (our family) become rich and healthy, and that may I be able to put up a Charity Program (hope so...)
My Favorite Fashion Publication: Candy Mag

WHO TO TAG: Halley, Eden, Diane

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Whew! It was a tiring day for me...been sleeping late at night (oh! it's almost 3 a.m.) for the entire week. I woke up late at around 11:00 a.m. today and immediately seated in front of my computer to meet my deadline arrrggghh! It's just a good thing that I finished it in half an hour. Had to go to my former office to get my moolah hahaha! Yea, my last pay that is. With all the expenses that we have monthly, it's indeed a great help for us.

Anyway, we waited for hubby to arrive from his trip. While waiting, mom and my youngest brother came over at Mama's house (Hubby's granny) and brought some imported choc'lets to Bendyk and clothes (pasalubong from mom's uncle in the U.S.). I was actually surprised that mom visited us since we're not in good terms before we left. I was only expecting my youngest brother when he texted me that he'll be coming over to play with Bendyk. Well, I am so much happy that mom and I are okay now. She must have realized what I meant when we had our last conflict.

I'm still the soft-hearted person who would always have the heart melt so soon. So far, so good. I just keep on praying that may God help us to get our family back into shape again. I just dunno about my dad, who I heard enjoying in other's arms. Too bad. And that hurts me more, and I guess much more to my mom. Sigh! Anyway, I pity my mom so much that I wanted to help her despite the conflict we had a month ago. So there I was, I didn't wait for any word; I just helped her even for simple things. And I told my brother to come with us for we are going to shop for his school needs. I so much heart and pity my youngest brother because at a very young age, he already witnessed how ironic a broken home is. As her ate, I want to give him the best as long as I can just to let him feel the love and care of a family. My bro. who's in Manila right now and I are much closer now unlike before that we were like cat and dog. We talked about our plans for the family, for mom and our youngest brother. And it really feels good that we are talking that way. We are just hoping that everything will be alright. As for our dad, we keep on hoping and praying that he may realized how he's been hurting us. We are not closing our doors. He is still our dad. Hope he would change soon. Hayyyzzz....

Anyhoo, the day went well. We are already starving so we just had our dinner at Jollibee (I know, I told myself to limit from spending much for impracticality...oh well, hahaha! tomorrow nah again, lolz!) At National Bookstore, I have chosen a dozen of Disney cartoon characters notebooks. But when I showed them to my bro. he just shrugged his shoulders off. Yea, he didn't like any of them. He told me that he's not a kid anymore. I was laughing then when I looked at him and realized that our family baby has "completely?" grown-up. He told me that he'd rather want the Ragnarok covers than the Disney cartoons. So the ate can't do anything about it but to let him choose what he really wants. While Bendyk who's already holding his new set of crayons keeps bragging his dad with matching tears to get him the Pokemon coloring book. Oh dear, Pokemon may be free on TV when you watch it, but this time it costs too much for a coloring book. How did he find it, anyway?! He just looked around and stumbled it on one of the shelves! Grrr!
After paying for the school supplies, my bro. told me that he doesn't have a bag. Oh my! another expenses again??!!! Mom bought him a Montanara bag 5 months before the class had ended. Hayyzzz! I almost scold him thinking that he didn't take good care of it. Kasi naman tong pasaway naming bro.dinala pala sa Manila yung bag! Grrr!!! Relax! Relax! Yaka pa hahaha! So there we were buying a Nike bag at the mall. The thrifty me would wish to buy the cheapest bag. But hello?! Until when naman kaya yun sa bro. ko?! Dati monthly kung magpalit ng bag sa dami ba naman kasing books pinapadala ng titser ngmumukha na ngang pagong bro. ko...hayyyzz! So instead of buying a "disposable" bag I'd rather go for a high quality bag na lang, long lasting naman. Eh, long lasting naman kaya datung ko? Waaahhh! Shower me with riches naman mga millionaires and billionaires jan, lolz!

And then we had some groceries before we headed our way out of the mall. My youngest bro. sleeps here with us for tonight. They just had fun coloring Bendyk's book while watching their fave "Joaquin Bordado and Lobo" I'm also an avid fan hehehe! So no arguments...lolz!

Hey! Hey! You gotta have some break 'cause there are a lot of things to be done...I almost forgot. Hayyyzz! The procrastinator again, lolz! I dunno where to start, I don't even know how...So let me have some focus now. The procrastinator is signing off while the busy bee will be signing on...Goodnight! Mwaaahhh!

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