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RD Training is Over!

It's our Graduation Day! Yes! Our training for R_____ D_____ account is finally over. And I must say that we will all gonna miss it for it's the time when our (batch 16) friendship started from the Client Specific towards the Nesting period. And since it's our Graduation Day and as promised by our training supervisor, we were given the opportunity to choose our own schedule according to our ranks.

And yours truly got the 8th rank out of 20 agents so whatever schedule that was not chosen by the first 7 agents would be my schedule, which is also part of my chosen scheds. And that would also be the same rule for the rest. But that will be announced tomorrow thru a txt msge from our bubbly supervisor.

But before we left the "confession room", the team with the lowest revenue headed by TA Tinkerbell showed us their groovin' moves which made us all screamin' with excitement. Then we all went down at the lobby area to wait for the RD Supervisors and auditors. We were supposed to celebrate our Graduation Day at Ms. Sup's home in Antipolo, but it's too far so we just settled at Rufo's restaurant. We munched on Rufo's special tapa, which is super yummy! And the next thing I knew, our table was already filled with buckets of beers courtesy of the sups and auditors. I preferred not to drink much of beer because I still had to travel from Makati to Cavite huhuhu! Omi kept on giving us bottles of beer and we just can't say NO. I was already tipsy when I emptied a bottle of beer so I cheated on them hahaha!

There seemed to be no superiorirty over the agents because all of them made us feel that we are very much welcome to the RD account. They rather not talk about work-related topics when it's supposed to be a celebration. We just can't help it, of course hehehe! We are too excited and at the same time nervous because we'll be on our own next week. There will be no more QA's to tell us the what's and how's when we're taking live calls. It's gonna be a different scenario next week...
Ok going back to the celebration, everyone was happy and grinning with laughter. But there was also a moment of emoticons for Jen and Ron. No it's not an LQ. It's two different stories. But I better not talk about it here. To sum it all up, we had a great bonding moment with everyone in our batch as well as with the Sups and the Auditors...We left Rufo's before Lunch and I arrived home at 1:00pm. (Photo grabbed from Jen: Some of us missed the picture taking huhuhu!)

I just had to peek over my lappie so I better get off here...Goodnight to me peeps!

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