Mommy and Prince Bendyk

A Day of Fun: Sunday

I was supposed to start decorating our new home in Camella, but hubby told me to cancel it and do it on my next day off. He went there with the electrician to check the wirings since the last time they did, it was all ruined. Then hubby texted me to bring them a lunch since they are already working on the wirings. So I prepared their lunch and left home with our prince. But before we went there, I dropped by at the hardware to buy a liter of paint. I was planning to paint the kitchen area while waiting for them, which didn't happen because I had to look after our prince who might touch any live wires that are scattered on the floor.
While hubby and the electrician were busy working on the wires, my prince and I were also busy munching on their snacks hahaha! One day was not enough to finish all the wiring works and that there's gonna be another Sunday for that single work, whew! It was almost 5pm when we left Camella. We arrived home in 10 mins. just by walking from Camella Homes' gate to Citihomes.
My prince and I had nothing to do at home so I grabbed my cam while my prince had his best shots hehehe! I'll show them to you later when I come back or probably tomorrow. I just need to go to SM to buy some stuff and hubby's cousin will be tagging along with me.
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