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Getting Sexier...

I am getting used to the fast-paced life in the big city, and it's something that I'm loving everyday, errr...should I say every night? Oh well, it's not just the daily/nightly routine that makes me busy. My almond eyes (lol!) are also busy doing their own thing. Curious?

It's nothing serious really. It's just that I am fond of staring at gorgeous and chubby ladies who would pass by me. That only happens when I'm in an idle mode usually when I'm traveling for an hour from Cavite to Makati and vice versa. Whenever I chanced upon a sexy lady, something would pop up and I would start wondering whether she underwent a plastic surgery similar to Beverly Hills plastic surgery which offers all women, young and old a chance to renew themselves and be gorgeous all their lives.

I don't know I am just curious about their figure especially those women who seemed to have a flat tummy despite their motherhood stage. Perhaps, some of them underwent a tummy surgery, which is becoming popular nowadays, like the los angeles tummy tuck . It really feels good to have a flat tummy which I'm thankful of hehehe! The Los Angeles tummy tuck surgery is what many Americans are getting fond of these days. It makes them feel sexier without having a hard time sweating a lot at the gym.

I've been reading a lot of blogs of the same thought and there are really a lot of women who are into plastic surgery. If you are also curious on the same topic, you might also want to read a cosmetic surgery blog. It talks more about how one can transform themselves into something that they have wished to become since their younger years. Have a good read!

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