Mommy and Prince Bendyk

I got pregnant at the age of 20 and every time I encounter new acquaintances, they can't believe that I am already a mom of a three-year old kid. Well, I can't blame them since I look petite and skinny. But what amazed them more is the fact that I have a flat belly and no stretch marks.

Oh well, I am just grateful that I maintained this body although I must admit that I still want to gain a bit fat since I am skinny. But whether I am fat or not, I always want to make sure that my belly isn't moving at all. If I feel some fats on my tummy, you can find me eating oatmeal. It's my favorite actually.

How about you? Are you having problems with your belly? If you do, then it's about time that you take a Flat Belly Diet like many women do. It will do you good, I tell you.


You must know the right healthy diet to achieve the body you want. And to help you with that, I'd suggest that you check on the site as it offers you more tips on how to maintain a flat belly no matter how many kids you've got. Stay sexy, and a flat belly diet can help you achieve that. Goodluck!


Wifey Momma Says DND!

Birthday preps and celebration was over and I still got no time to organize the photos during my 'lil prince birthday celebration. I got my hands full right now so no matter how eager I am to blog about the party and also to update my old and newly created blogs as well as multiply accounts I really can't right now as I have lots of work to accomplish before November ends.

But I'll work on them ASAP. An hour might lessen the pending loads that I heart to do than work on these repetitive routine, articles, SEO, data entry, etc. So I will try to include them in my hectic schedule.

In the meantime, le'mme show you my 'lil Tarzan's 3rd Birthday Cake. Simple, yet cutie lol! Oh btw, I'm proud to say that I didn't spend a lot on this cake. The thrifty me didn't like the idea of ordering a birthday cake for a price of P800+ especially if the design doesn't suit my taste so I decided to work on the design by myself (yipee!). I'll tell you more about it next time.

Here it is...go and savor its oh so sweet and yummy taste!

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If someone would dare to ask me what I have been holding on every time I get the chance to relax, my answer would definitely be, digital camera. Oh yes, I got this techie for almost a year now since I had it as my gift for myself last December 2007. You know what I love much about this digital camera? It’s the flexibility of the cam itself as I can use it anywhere with lights on or off, at home, malls, park, parties, and almost anywhere with no hassles.

And speaking of flexibility, this digital camera also builds harmony with my other favorite techies, such as LCD TV and my laptop. Now you may ask how I hold them altogether. Well, I am able to download my always recent digital photos and videos taken either through my TV or my laptop. And it feels great to see all of my crafts on screen. I feel great whenever I keep those memories in just a click of my finger on this wonderful and one of my best buddies, digital camera.

Of course, I won’t leave behind my TV and laptop. I treat them all as my best buddies. They are always handy and reliable when I get bored. Now that Christmas is fast approaching, I am starting to think what great gift I could offer myself for the hard work I do. One thing I am certain is that it’ll definitely be a techie again. Oh I love techie stuff! How about you guys? Don’t forget to reward yourself too. A digital camera is a great gift you will enjoy and the rest of the family and friends.

Alright, I know I know I've not been blogging for a few days (was it weeks) now. There are a lot of things that I needed to put my focus on. And my work is eating my time. Well, I don't mind it though since it's giving me more opportunities to earn dollars. Next in queue is my kid who's getting smarter and naughty now. As for my hubby, he is always away from home since his work requires him to travel to different provinces in the Bicol Region and Quezon Province as well. Also part of my busy-ness is our humble abode. I always keep it tidy, cute and organized. I can't just sit here and ignore my kiddo messing around. I also have to prepare for our meals and snacks, which is quite hard for me since I am not really into cooking. I bought 5 different cookbooks, but I haven't even flipped a single page from any of them hahaha! A lazy lass, alright!

It's already November, which prompted me to post here as I might lose track on what's going on in the blogosphere. And since it's the first day of November, I am trying to push myself to update my blogs at least once or twice a week. Hope promises aren't meant to be broken this time, lol! So le'mme sum up my escapades for the past few days (weeks)...

  1. I was worried about my kiddo's appetite. He didn't like eating meals. He only ate biscuits and sipped his milk. I was wondering if the problem is with his milk or vitamins. For a few months now, I changed his milk from Enfagrow A+ to Lactum 1+ Chocolate flavor simply because I want him to gain some fats, but Lactum 1+ Chocolate flavor has no effect on him.

I also considered his vitamins. I've been partnering his Ceelin Syrup vitamins with:

(1st) Nutrilin Syrup, (2nd) Growee Chlorella Syrup, (3) Tiki-Tiki Star Syrup

2. I was so desperate to help my kiddo gain weight. So I went to the nearest drugstore and asked if they have Propan Syrup for kids and if I can buy it without any doctor's prescription. I heard it from a lot of mommies that it is one of the best supplements that aids weight gain for kids. I also did some research on this and found out that it contains Buclizine HCl component, which has a metabolic effect to stimulate appetite and enhances weight gain. And guess what, it is working on my kiddo. In just 2 days of taking this vitamin, my kiddo has gained back his appetite on foods. As a matter of fact, he always craves for more nutritious foods and I'm very happy with the effect on it to my son. At long last, I finally found the best supplement for him. I'll post its photo later.

3. Bendyk and I went malling a week ago. And he pissed me off because he'd go away from me to look for some things that interest him. He's like that when we're at the mall so I thought that maybe he's just around and has been keeping his eyes on where I am. I was carrying heavy bags that afternoon, so I didn't hold his hand on our way out of the mall. But I know he's following me when we passed by McDonald's. But before reaching the exit, I was astounded to find out that Bendyk wasn't with me.

I was really worried at that time and had 3 rounds to and fro the area where I last saw him. The mall was crowded then because the city is celebrating its fiesta. I decided to leave my grocery bags at the guard and headed my way to search for my kiddo. I was so happy to see him safe, roaming in circles close to the package counter. He was not crying then. He was only staring down the floor and roamed in circles. But when I got near him, He hugged me too tight and all of a sudden outburst his tears. I know right then that he was frightened when he didn't find me. My heart melted of seeing him like that. The people around had no idea that my boy was lost. They didn't even see him crying so they thought that he was just playing around.

It taught me a lesson and I bet my kiddo too. I've come to know him better. He is a brave kid who wants to keep his ego untouched when with strange people around. And he found my love and comfort enough to melt his heart.

4. My mom, our prince and I went malling two weeks ago and had our snacks at Jollibee. A service crew approached me and asked if I want to let my kiddo join their Halloween Costume Party. My kiddo heard it and confirmed that he really wanted to join the party. And since it's for my prince, I bought 4 tickets to the party, for him, mom, Jom, and of course for me.

The party was held at Landco Plaza on October 28, 2008. My kiddo wore his 1st Birthday Spiderman costume. It fitted on him this time since I bought it too big for his 1st birthday. My kiddo had so much fun at the party. By the way, it's his first time to attend a costume party. I want to expose him for such events so he'll get used to it. And I've seen him enjoyed much at the party. He even volunteered to ramp on the stage for the Halloween fashion show. Here are some of the photos taken:

5. Bendyk's can of Lactum was finally emptied. And so I decided to buy him Enfa milk and since he's turning 3 in a few days, I didn't buy him Enfagrow A+ anymore, which is for 1 year to 3 year old kids. I bought him the last series of Enfa milk instead, the Enfakid A+ which is for ages 3 to 6 years old.

From birth until now, he's a loyal drinker of Meadjohnson's Enfa series. It all started from me. When I was still an infant, my milk then was Enfalac. And so I passed mine to my baby. He completed the series, Enfalac, Enfapro A+, Enfagrow A+, and now Enfakid A+. Meadjohnson's Enfa A+ Series is known for its DHA, a brain enhancer stimulant. And now I will only let my kid stick to this milk.

6. It's All Saint's Day, but we already went to the cemetery as part of the tradition. The weather isn't good tonight so we hadn't stayed longer in the cemetery unlike before that we used to have a picnic style at Bicol Memorial Park. Tonight, we just lit candles to our loved-ones' tomb and uttered a 'lil prayer.

7. Yea, I've been very busy for the past few days (weeks), and up until now I have not yet made up my mind on what to prepare for my kiddo's upcoming 3rd birthday. It'll already be on the 5th of November and I haven't bought anything yet. I was thinking if we will have a pool party or a simple animal party theme at home. I'll settle on some DIY stuffs for his birthday to save from too much expenses. His first birthday party taught me a lesson to not spend more for things that I can prepare for myself. Yea, practicality knocks on me again. It's good though. Why spend a lot for a kiddie party? Kids aren't so demanding unlike adults. They can be happy for simple things, and not for a extravagant party, right?

I'll be very much busy tomorrow for a 3-day preparation for my kiddo's 3rd birthday party. I haven't even sent invitations yet. I'll make a list as early as tomorrow. I'll update you by then...

This is all for now...Ciao!

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