Mommy and Prince Bendyk

Nonsense, errr...

Wake up! My mind is preoccupied with things that I wanna do right now, soon, in the future, etc, etc. Am I making sense here? Lol! Everything is scattered so please bear with me. I have to gather all my thoughts for now and organize them to where they should be, amp! I had 3 hours of sleep so I might need to hit my bed again.

What's new? Hmmm...I'm creating another set of blogs (Again?!), sleeping a lot, getting caught in traffic (excuses, excuses, excuses...for being late this week, hayz!) I just don't like my new sched at work (MWFS: 9pm-8am)...What else? Well, I'll try to gain back my senses first. It seems that I am already talking about nonsense here hahaha!

Ciao for now and watch out for my new set of blogs...Mwah!

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