Mommy and Prince Bendyk

Eyes Wide Awake

Goodmorning peeps! Time check, it's 9 minutes before 3am. Isn't it exciting to see me here blogging? Nah, I'm not on my pyjama. I'm actually wearing jeans and sexy shirt with my fave brown shawl, trying to imagine a snow pouring in here hahaha. I bet you know where I am now. Alright, so I'm here at the office. I am not supposed to be here tonight. But I chose to be here since it's gonna be an OT RD. More shift, more moolah and mind you, it's times 2! Yipee! By the way, it's a great shift tonight. There's not much queu on the phone. We are having so much time here chatting on something with our headset on. The bottom line is, we are just killing time, and they pay us for that. Hahaha!

Actually, I had the best shift ever. It's every Monday, Wednesday to Friday for 10 hours each. That means to say that I have bonggang rest days. that's Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday.

I made myself busy since last week. Last Sunday, we had a sales training from morning until afternoon. It's something new for us, not just for a fact that we are now a sales account, and we are not just a customer service rep., but we are now called sales consultant. And for many months, we again experienced coming to work during the day. The training was awesome. Funny activities made us all laugh at ourselves.

Come Monday, it's another busy night for us. A number of customers was on the line, most are irate and some are so hard to deal with. Pressure on the floor was so intense. You'd just hear some of them shouting "Power Hour!" Right then we should make more upsells, upsells, saves, saves, in other words, REVENUES! No doubt about it, we're now a sales account. I am enjoying it though. A top seller, eh? Consistency reminds me again hahaha!

Talking about hitting sales of $500 and more, that's what they are expecting from me. Everyday?! Woaaah! Let me cross my fingers onto that deal! When I logged out yesterday morning, I hit $442 sales. And as what the sales coach trainer promised the team, whoever hits $400 first will get a treat at Starbucks! Not bad, it's our revenue anyway.

And so I just found myself sipping on a Chocolate Mocha treat bought by Mr. Leo! I even teased him to have this treat everyday for those who hit the target first. Confident? Nah, conceited hahaha!

Last Tuesday, I went to work and it's an OT RD for 6 hours. And from Wednesday until Friday I had to work for 10 hours/day and had to exceed the quota for revenue again?! Whew, but I had to stand up for it. It's fun, anyway so there's nothing to lose. I hope it's gonna be worth it, so we're pleading on incentives boss!

Alright, I gotta shut this off now. Thanks to proxy I was able to open this blog. Ciao now...see yah later! Happy weekend!

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