Mommy and Prince Bendyk

I've been hearing complaints everywhere. Whenever I look around or go to some places, although unintentionally sometimes I do hear complaints from strangers about how difficult their day-to-day life is. I can attest to that. My family and I have also been into the same situation when our budget is too tight that we have to divide it to the fullest just to make ends meet.

It's really difficult to be in this kind of situation. We might have a picture of hubby's income plus my income from my freelance job, but it just can't draw smile to my face as it will soon fly away so quick that I won't even know where the money really goes to. So far, I am learning the best ways to budget our income wisely. However, there are times when we don't really expect like delay of salary which always happen to hubby and even to me. During this time, we almost freak out as we don't really know where we will be getting the amount to pay due bills, our toddler's milk, diapers and vitamins, our food, etc. All these make us wonder if we could find something to cling on at the most unexpected time like this. Good thing, I found a good read about Personal Loans.

My hope is uplifted once again upon knowing all the benefits that I could get by availing this loan. And it's not just all about personal loans as it can best be classified as Unsecured Personal Loans which will let us do whatever we want using the fund. We can pay our bills anytime, shop and have our groceries especially during times like this that hubby's salary is delayed and so as mine.

I am just thankful that came in to the rescue. I should be in a hurry to avail their offer now. How about you? I bet almost everyone of us do suffer from economic crisis. But don't lose hope, we can always find a way to face this unexpected time in our life.

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I am beginning to hear bells ringing. I bet you know what I mean. The month of August will soon be over and Septem-ber is coming soon. Why did I spell it that way? Oh well, we all know for a fact that when “ber” becomes the suffix of the month only means that Christmastime is getting near. Oh yeah, I am super excited with just the thought of it.

I am not just too sure if our Christmas this year would be the same as what we had last year. It wasn’t too special, but at least we celebrated it with smile on our faces. I even remembered attending our company’s Christmas Costume Party. Yes, I didn’t miss the chance to be part of it. Although it was going to be a Christmas Party I still picked the sexy witch as my character. I know I know it should’ve been appropriate if I wore angel or Santa costume. But since it’s a Christmas Party I was already looking forward to see most of our colleagues wearing them. Aside from wanting to be unique, I also associated my chosen costume to the party theme, “Christmas Fantasy Themed Party”.

Alright, enough of this as what I am really wanted to rant here is about attending a Halloween party. Yea, I never experienced attending one since. But if given a chance, I would love to go to a Halloween party as long as no participant is a full-blooded monster hiding his face on rubber masks. I’m afraid of ghosts and all sorts. Should I be given a chance, I’d surely wish to wear my sexy witch costume again. I love the way the tailor had sewn the fabric. But I might also consider looking for adult Halloween costumes to suit me best.

I told you, should “ber” suffix comes in many celebrations do occur and Halloween Party is one event you’d surely not want to miss. Why not start looking for your Halloween costume now? You’ll surely find the best fit for you and it’s going to be a whole lot fun during the party, and that’s for sure.

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Whew! Finally, I got the chance to do some rants. It's been a while since I posted here. Oh well, I did last week but it was purely for business, lol! Now that I've been freed from tons of work to do as a virtual assistant/seo specialist, I didn't think twice to drop by here for even just a few minutes. I terribly missed blogging for quite sometime now. In fact, I already forgot when was the last time I posted some chismax here.

I was thinking to catch up for the whatabouts and whereabouts, but I guess it'll take me days before I can rant all that. Let me just sum up everything that had happened to me for the past weeks (was it a month?)...

Here I go...

1) Smartbro pissed me off for more than 24 hours of no internet connection. I am fed up of their alibis. I already memorized the spiels of customer care (?) representatives. They said almost the same thing which makes me more Irate, grrr!!! Thanks for my own initiative, though I'm not really good at troubleshooting I was able to patiently and quickly disable-enable the LAN connection for ten times. And voila! I had my internet back when I was already on my verge of anger and cursing!

Hayzzz!! I promised myself that after my Internet's 1 year contract, I will never ever use SMARTBro service again. It really sucks!!!

2) I've been very busy working on my techie-buddy everyday, dealing with my writers' output, working on my seo task, caring for my prince, cleaning the house from time to time, nagging at my prince and hubby for messing around (grrr!!!), etc., etc.

3) I bought my prince a wooden Pokemon study table and chair last month plus coloring books and crayons. I just can't say NO to my prince. I am feel ingguilty knowing that I am spending more time with my techie-buddy than spending time with him, sigh! So I would just buy anything that would make him happy. My prince happiness is what matters most than money so I'll just buy anything that can make you happy my dear. Hahaha! Palusot!!!

4) I've been going out with my prince and hubby at least once a week. It was just so quick as I still have work to deal with at home. Usually, we would just snack, lunch or dine out, stroll around for a while and play at WOF. Nothing so special so I guess we really have to set a date for our special family day. Oh, how I miss those days, sigh!

5) Hubby went to Manila thrice last month and once this month. He had his meeting with his boss and the P&G Big Bosses.

6) I had no time for meeting up with friends and that makes me sad. Some of them have gone to far places, some abroad and some in the big city. Though some of them stayed here, we just can't find time to meet up because of our hectic schedules. Well, IM and SMS can bridge the gap though, lol!

7) I've been worrying about my mom and bros' situation. Dad had totally taken them for granted for his mistress. I don't really know what to feel right now. I wanna confront my dad and outburst my angst toward him, but I dunno how. He's still my dad. I wanna comfort my mom who's for sure been suffering from emotional stress ever since plus financial problem. I also wanna give everything for my little bro so he won't think much of the problem. I want my mom and bros. to be altogether so they won't feel much about the emptiness, but my 22 year old bro is working in Manila right now. In short, we are all separated from each other when it's the time that we needed to be altogether as one at this most down time in our life, especially my family's life.

8) We rented a new place (AGAIN?!) hahaha! Hopefully, we'll be staying here for long. This is a better place than the previous ones. Apart from my hectic schedule at work, I can still find time to put some touches in our little abode. I bought cool fabrics and had it for a much cheaper price. Why? It's SALE at LCC!

9) I am now counting the days before "-BER". Yea, it's Christmas Time a time to share our love...How I wish we can all share our love and be happy, sigh! But I'm now planning to shop for Christmas lights and decors. Hahaha! Excited ba?

10) And the most freaking event few days ago was the intensity 6 "earthquake!!!" Actually, mild earthquakes do occur every now and then. I must admit that I am already starting to panic. I already have listed the emergency supplies that we will be needing so should anything happen we still have something to carry on. But I do hope and pray that this freaking event won't happen again. Please...

Time is up! I better get back to work now...ciao!

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Just had it tonight, early this morning as I am still wide awake. I am not yet sleepy which makes me wonder, lol! So to drive myself to sleep, I dropped by to my month-long abandoned accounts and found this one. It caught my interest the moment I layed my eyes on it and didn't think twice to try it myself. And guess what?! It triggered my brain to think deep, and it did outburst my emotion just by looking at those images, trying to express what I feel as of the moment. You might wish to try it too. I tell you, this one really works!

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Didn’t I tell you before that I love island hopping? I used to associate island to “freedom”. The reason perhaps is that I can do whatever I want without the prying eyes of people. Not just that, it brings the childhood in me when all I know is to play around the seashore, getting my hands and feet dirty with sands, and watching the waves of the ocean come and go.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been to an island. My first was when I was still on my first year in high school. I went with my grandma and two uncles who are of the same age. We crossed the ocean riding in a motor-operated boat, and I was so afraid then for it was my first time to experience crossing the ocean. I thought it was the end of my life, but when we were in the middle of the ocean, I was so amazed of how beautiful the sight of the ocean is and the mountains that surround us.

It didn’t end there when we finally set foot at the island, and it’s really a superb one! How I wish I can get a chance to be in an island again, where I will be reminiscing those happy and sad memories, think of future plans for myself and of course, my loved-ones. As I was thinking of the idea, I chanced upon the site where I learned more about the hilton head at hilton head south carolina. The hilton head is definitely a nice place to spend sometime to reflect and at the same time enjoy together with your friends and loved-ones.

Boracay Getaway

There’s one thing I wish I can do in the coming years, and it is to travel around the world. Come to think of it, I am living in a country where beautiful tourist spots are often visited by foreign people, but then again I have never gotten a chance to visit any of these places. Yes, I must say that I am stuck here in my own abode wishing to fly to different places that surely would make me happy and excited.

Well, it’s not yet too late. I just need to save so one day I will be able to fulfill one of my greatest dreams, go to places I want. But let me start first to where is nearer to me. Boracay is definitely the most visited tourist spot in the Philippines and I have been hearing a lot about it. I need to prepare things prior to that, like looking for the best hotel reservation to complete a perfect weekend get-away.

It’s just so timely that I chanced upon where I luckily found a list of best hotels to stay in. I am considering Fridays Hotel Boracay where I happened to know that it is a 4.5-star hotel, offering 46 guestrooms. All of these guestrooms leave a positive impression to whoever gets to stay there.

I might also consider the The Hills Hotel Boracay. The mere sight of this hotel and what’s even more is its interior ambiance can already make you feel at home, breathing in fresh air that the breeze of ocean can offer.

I can’t wait to visit this great place that ever exists in the country. I guess, I have to begin counting the days before I can finally set foot on Boracay's white sand, and of course, spend the night in a luxurious yet back country feeling.

Here's the rule for this tag:

Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird, random things, facts, habits, or goals about yourself. At the end, choose 10 people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them. Don't forget to leave them a comment ("You're it") and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you.

Now, here's my list:

1. I am a work-at-home mom now, doing three roles everyday: freelancer, nanny, housekeeper

2. I always love to be busy, especially if it gives me more "moolah", lolz!

3. I have a sweet it, and I'll surely bite them all! yummy!

4. My heart is for the unfortunate ones so I feel like helping whenever I have much for myself.

5. I am a detail-oriented person, so expect me to have my documents and stuffs organized, even important conversation saved in a file. (ebidenxa!)

6. I am friendly, but B-E-W-A-R-E! When I get hurt, I won't let it pass until I get even (An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth) Sorry...

7. I am a dreamer...I want to be a CPA, Interior Designer, Web Designer, Lawyer and NBI agent, but my ultimate dream is to become R-I-C-H!!!

8. I got pregnant at the age of 20 to a cute and smart 'lil boy. I love you my prince!

9. I am uber meticulous when it comes to the tiniest detail at home. I want everything to be organized, arranged in a way that satisfies my eyes, even curtains should flow into place, etc.

10. I may be merciful, but not to arrogant peeps! As long as I am RIGHT, I won't allow you to step on me, ever!

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