Mommy and Prince Bendyk

Been Idle for Months

Some of you may be wondering why I have been idle for months already, which rarely happens since I've always been online 24/7 everyday. This may sound exaggerated, but yea I was almost using the internet for nearly 24/7 daily. And I am now missing those days...

There may be regular posts here, but they are merely intended for "business as usual" stuff hahaha! Who wouldn't want dollars, anyway. In other words, I wasn't able to inform you about my daily errr at least weekly escapades.

Reasons? First, I am getting lazy to blog about my personal thoughts when I am only given a limited time to do it online. Yea, I am not yet able to subscribe for a new broadband simply because we are NPA. Errr...It's up to you to spell it out, guys! But hopefully, I'll be getting a new broadband soon. Second, I am still weighing practicality over luxury. I might not be able to go online at home because the rest of the day is supposed to be spent cuddling my pillows and blanket ONLY. Of course, I also needed some sleep. Therefore, subscribing for a new broadband might just be a waste of money on my side. But I still do consider that stuff since friendster and blogspot are websense sensitive in the office, harhar!

So I guess it would be all for today...Ciao!

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Shopping, Anyone?

I am now back to work again and I am very much excited, of course. So I am planning to buy new clothes to wear in the office. The last time I bought new clothes was errr...I forgot! Yea, that's how loooong that it made me forget how long it was since the last time I bought one. "I don't need new clothes, anyway" That's what I've been telling myself when I decided to work as an online freelancer.

But it's now a different story. I got bored so I decided to work in a real office again. But since I'm not working in a corporate environment, I don't need to wear women's suits. I guess, I'd prefer shopping for casual work clothes for women. I feel comfortable wearing casual clothes than suits and it won't hinder me from using them even on weekends. Oh well, weekend casual clothes for women are the preferred type of clothes of "call girls", including me hahaha! Don't take it literal, though.

But since my hectic schedule eats much of my time everyday, I'd rather shop for clothes online at It's a convenient way to shop around without leaving my bed, right? Happy shopping, guys!

Saturday Laziness

1. Who do you think is sexy? :: it would be unfair if I pick only one of the many, so I'll just choose myself hahaha! conceited me!
2. When does it become love? :: when you accept him for what and who he is despite his flaws
3. Are you a good dancer? :: hell NO! I'd rather make a hole on my seat! hahaha!
4. What magazines do you read? :: Reader's Digest, I should be more than interesting to read all of its kinds (it's our account)
5. If you could have any name, what would you call yourself? :: "aiyanna"
6. Have you ever ridden in a limo? If yes, when? :: nope, but I wish I could beside Brad Pitt hahaha!
7. What is something you really like to do? :: shopping!
8. Last chance: Who wins Idol, Kris Allen or Adam Lambert? :: Adam Lambert, goodluck!
9. If you had to, what animal would you choose to be? :: I'd surely be a K9 so I can help fight crimes

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For almost three months of being away from the Internet (for me it was a complete absence since I can't do the things that I'm used to online), I have come to love watching TV from morning until midnight. Changing channels every now and then just to find the best TV program to kill my boredom was part of my daily routine.

But I'm not yet satisfied watching three to five channels only. So I guess, I will consider subscribing for a Cable TV. I was actually looking for the right cable to subscribe for when Direct TV came in just on time. Upon checking on its site, I was astounded and very much excited to enjoy a great deal of Theater style TV marathon at home.

Plus, it has a lot of freebies to offer us guys! I am now very excited to get a Direct tv soon.

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T or F?

I am a morning person: False
I am a perfectionist: True
I am an only child: False
I am currently in my pajamas: False
I am online 24/7: False
I am very shy around the opposite gender: False
I can be paranoid: True
I currently regret something that I have done: False
I enjoy talking on the phone: False
I have a lot to learn: True
I have a secret: True

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Lap Band Surgery

Did you hear about the least invasive options for people who want to undergo a surgical weight-loss? It's no other than, but the Lap band surgery. A lot of patients are satisfied with the results. In fact, they always return whenever they feel some fats on their belly. It is what they preferred than going on their normal exercise activities just to take off those fats. If you are just about to undergo Lap Band Surgery, expect your body to adjust to the band within 4 to 6 weeks. you also need to make dietary considerations that are crucial for successful recovery. So if you wanna have the body you want, go and check out the site and enjoy the 1800GETSLIM.
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1. What was the name of your third boyfriend? Rick, my hubby...
2. Where were you three days ago? Only here in Citihomes...
3. What’s the third job you ever had? Aegis People Support
4. In high school, Freshman year, what was your third period class? PEHM
5. What did you do on the 3rd of this month? Freelance work...
6. What will you be doing in 3 hours? Sleep
7. What’s your third siblings name? Jom
8. What’s your third favorite sport? I am not into Sports
9. What’s your third favorite car? BMW
10. What is the third thing you thought about today? Upload New Pics

I love adventures, how about you? A lot of people love adventures to the point that they would go to different places within their country of origin and would still want to find more beautiful and adventurous spots in other countries. How I wish it would be easy for me to go to places I want. Just like you, I have also been wanting to travel abroad. Can anyone take me to Okinawa, Japan?
Yea, Okinawa travel is part of my wishlist. It's something that almost everyone wish to do in the next few months or years. Who wouldn't be when Okinawa has everything for an adventurous people like us. If you haven't heard much about it, better yet check out the website. It focuses on the subtropical South Islands of Japan and these islands are superb when it comes to sightseeing spots. And not just that, you will surely get excited once you learned more about its history, culture as well as the festivals that the people there used to celebrate.
You better add Okinawa, Japan on your wishlist and I wish you a great vacation in its beautiful islands. Enjoy a scuba diving to many of its great resorts!

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Sunday Meme

1. Were you smiling when you woke up this morning? Yes, excited to go to Victory Church
2. Which is more romantic: sunrise or sunset? Sunset
3. Say a quick quote from a movie. Can't remember any quote...
4. Would you die for someone? Yea for my family
5. Last song you heard? Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis
6. Last person you slept with? My King and my Prince.
7. Like/love anyone right now? Yea, Hubby and our Prince
8. If someone did like you, how should they let you know? Be a slave for me hahaha! I can easily sense it, lol! Those were the days...(daydreaming hehehe!)
9. How was your day? It was fine, went to Church and refreshen my Faith again...Thanks God!
10. Do you live near any of your friends? Nope, we are all miles away...sigh!
11. Are you scared of spiders? Yea, I have phobia on all tiny crippling creatures, oh well all of the animals...
12. Do you have a piercing? Yea, I have my ears pierced
13. Where if any? Ears
14. What color is your hair? Black.
15. Do you believe in love? Oh yes!

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Were you heartbroken on your previous relationship? Perhaps, you were very much hurt and is still hurting especially when you are raising up your child alone. Don't look back as it will never do you good if you bury yourself on the past. Move forward and lighten up your mood. It's never too late for you.
Who knows there's someone who has the same experience as yours. Single parents will more likely enjoy talking with single parents too. You can share your own stories and experiences and might come up with possible changes in your lives so as not to repeat the same mistake again. There are a lot of them online.
If you really want to change your life and you want to add color to your lovelife, you may want to join the single parents chat online. A lot of single parents are there whom you can chat with, and hopefully whom you can find love with. Goodluck!

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10 Fave Things...

What’s your favorite…

1. Time of the Day: 6:20 pm
2. Food: Italian Pasta
3. Holiday: Christmas
4. Season: Spring
5. Movie: Amusement
6. Pet: None
7. Color: Brown
8. Book: The Purpose Driven Life
9. Song: Songs of Worship
10. Fast Food Chain: Jollibee

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We already left Pasig, but we are not yet transferring to our new home. We'll be staying here in Citihomes for a week until everything in our new home is already fixed, especially the plumbing system. The past few days, we have been searching for the best plumbing service to offer us quality work on our plumbing system at a price that is affordable for us. You see, moving in from one home to another means more additional expenses from the transportation fare for our cargos, electricity and water connection, and some home repairs needed. And we are now on track to fix the plumbing system. Hubby finally found the right person to do it for us at a very affordable price. It's really hard to find a cheap plumbing service near Camella Homes. It's a good thing for those people living in San Diego and Atlanta because they can surely rely on the service offered by San Diego Plumber and Atlanta Plumber for Atlanta Plumbing service.

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1. Friendly
2. Merciful
3. Smart
4. Compassionate
5. Goal-Oriented
6. Family-Oriented
7. War-freak when provoked
8. Thrifty
9. Adventurous
10. Sweet

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Turbo Your Ride

Wanna speed up your ride? It's time to make your ride go on a turbo as fast as it can get through turbocharger. It does that by compressing the air that enters the engine. More fuel can enter your engine as air continuously flow in. Your car's cylinders will yield more power which results to faster acceleration. This turbocharger works similarly by recycling the fuel as it uses the same waste steam to power your car's air compressor. So if you really want to speed up your ride, go and upgrade your car's turbocharger.

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Midnight Qs

1. How many of your friendships have lasted more than ten years?
:: I'm still counting hehehe! But I hope we'll last for so many many many years

2. Which of your current friends do you feel will still be important to you ten years from now?
:: Sarah, Joy, Judy, Gieze, Adrian, Mark Jun, Dhen, Owenn, Mayan, whew! too many to mention pls. just include your name hehehe!

3. It's Friday evening and you're planning your weekend. What's on your agenda?
:: Go to Church and General Cleaning

4. What was the most recent movie to scare you or give you the creeps?
:: Amusement

5. Finally, the new cast and movie of Star Trek are out. Excited or indifferent?
:: I'm not interested, thanks lol!

6. Do you have any nervous habits?
:: can't think of one...

7. Do you swear in general?
:: hmmm....

8. Do you swear on your blog?
:: nope

9. Does it bother you when you read a post with curse words?
:: well, it's their blog so I don't give a damn...

It's So Hot in Here!

I have my own rule of thumb, and I guess some have the same rule of thumb as mine. Do you want to know what's that rule of thumb? Oh well, it's paying little for every routine service on our appliances. Yea, am really a tight-fisted gal here. I will only be compelled to pay a lot when there's a major repair needed.

But before I jump in getting a service center, I see to it that I checked on their quality of work and standard pricing. Say for our airconditioning system, I only hire the best airconditioning service center that offers the cheapest price for repair maintenance. But the cheapest cost for AC service in the area still seems very expensive for me.

Good for those who live nearby Abilene. They can always enjoy their AC system with the service of Abilene HVAC. As we all know, an airconditioning unit is a very complicated system that needs thorough cleaning. If you are a busy man or woman, you might just ignore its needed maintenance and would end up surprise should it break down at the time you needed it most, especially during summer.

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Happy Mom's Day!!! myspace graphic comments

I'm also greeting all moms in the world a Happy Mother's Day, especially to myself hahaha! and my friends, Dhen, Twinx and Giezelynne...

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Big Beautiful Ebony

Most people have their own preferences, say on foods, drinks, clothes, and a lot more. But rarely people make preferences on who they want to mingle with or chat with online. But if you are one of those who prefer to meet black, big, beautiful and ebony men or women, then you probably want to try the black bbw dating. It seems so fun, so why not go and try it?

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1. Your phone rings. Who is the most likely caller?
:: Hubby's aunt

2. How long do you chat on the phone each day?
:: minutes

3. Who do you speak to the most?
:: Auntie Jho

4. Do you often not answer if a certain person comes up on your caller id?
:: it depends on my mood...

5. Do you phone friends at work?
:: nope, I'm tightfisted hahaha!

6. Do you make personal calls at work?
:: sometimes when it's urgent

7. Who do you always say “I love you” at the end of the call?

:: Hubby

8. Do you use a landline or cell more often?
:: Cellphone

9. Who in the blogosphere that you haven’t chatted with but would like to?

:: My friend dhen...I miss you girl!

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Provider of the Month

Some of you are probably not familiar with the awarding happened last March 2009. But I guess, you need to know this because xPander Communications has just recently been awarded as Provider of the Month, and it's all because of their best offered Business VOIP service that many subscribers have voted for.

So if you haven't subscribed for a VOIP service yet , then it's high time that you get one from xPander Communications. Nothing can beat their best VOIP phone service. And it's pretty obvious because aside from the award they got, they have been patronized by many residential as well as small business consumers for the satisfaction that they are getting from their service.


1. What is the last thing you did before this survey? Eat merienda
2. Where was your last kiss? at home
3. When is the last time you felt angry? a few minutes ago when hubby didn't buy my fave bread for merienda
4. What is the last purchase you made? a gray umbrella @ Robinsons
5. Who were you last annoyed with? hubby
6. What did you last have to eat? 5 pieces of bread
7. Who is the last male you talked to? hubby
8. Where is the last place you hung out at? Robinsons Ortigas
9. When is the last time you got a work out? last night
10. What is the last make-up you used? lipstick

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We still need to fix the plumbing system of our house before we move in. So right now, we are searching for the right plumbing service to ask for help especially now that summer is already over. We have to be ready for frequent raining, and typhoons? Hope not...

I guess, I'm not alone in dealing with this home repair. A lot of homeowners are probably searching for plumbing service to fix their damaged pipes at home. Of course, who would wish to have their home soak in flood? I just hope I can find a reliable plumbing service like Huntsville Plumbing. It's the best plumbing service in Huntsville area. Good for those people living in Huntsville, they can always solve their plumbing problem the soonest time they need it.

How about you guys? Do you often deal with a serious flooding in your home? I can already imagine how you react when you look at the flood filling up your carpeted floors. And the worst thing to deal with is a clogged drainage. Better yet, join me in my search for the best plumber in our area. They can surely be of help.

Saturday Freak!

1. What is your favorite word? :: LOVE

2. What is your least favorite word? :: ANGER

3. What turns you on, creatively, spiritually, or emotionally? Spiritually

4. What turns you off? sarcastic and crab-minded people

5. What is your favorite curse word? better not say it here hahaha!

6. What sound or noise do you love? Sounds of worship

7. What sound or noise do you hate? the sound of gongs and rockstars' electric guitars

8. What profession other than yours would you like to attempt? Interior Designer

9. If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates? Hush, I'll wipe your tears away...

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Punk Singles Volt In

I've been here in Manila for months already and I have noticed that the city is crowded with punks in almost every corner especially during at night when most go for nightout parties. I'm just wondering if they are also fond of chatting. Who knows they want to meet the same punks online especially the punk singles. They must be dreaming to build a family of punks should they meet punk gents and ladies by just getting online.

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Happy Birthday Hubby! myspace graphic comments

We're Moving Again

All these years, we have been moving from one house to another and I am already tired just the thought of it. If only we have our home to call our own, I wouldn't be hopping from one place to another. I just hope to have our own home too. I am still praying for that.

In the meantime, we will be moving again and this time in Cavite and it's for practical reason. We don't need to pay for the rent. Yes, it's already a big help since we have been spending a lot for the rent. If I have to compute all our rental expenses from the time we moved in a rented place until now, it could have been used in putting up a small business. Sigh!

Almost everything is ready and we are only waiting for the last day in our rented apartment. And I guess, I need to start searching for a moving service, like Dallas Moving which is a moving service offered for Dallas residents. I just hope I can find the same moving service here in our area.

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Food for Thought

What is the longest consecutive time you have spent in a car?
:: going to Legazpi all the way from Manila (approx.10 hours)

Where would you go if you were invisible?
:: I'd certainly go abroad

If you could swim in any liquid what would it be and why?
:: I'd stick to water, we all need it. Ayt?

Midnight Snack
What store do you shop at the most?
:: SM Supermarket

Recipe of the Week
(instead of your recipe for life what is it just for the week?)
:: Don't give up. Everything will be alright. Aja!

Happy Weekend y'all!

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Have you just bought a home? Either it is fully furnished or bare, you need to consider getting the best roofing contractor to work on your home roofing. You must find one whom you can make a good deal to complete your undertaking like your residential home or if you are also planning to put up a commercial establishment, make sure that you only get a nice built roofing. After all, you are more than willing to pay him back with the best service he can give your home.
But if you haven't found one yet, you might want to settle with the best service of dallas roofing.They have been existing in the industry for many years and counting, and have proven to be excellent when it comes to roofing services, be it residential and commercial projects. Almost all homes and establishments in Dallas have used their service and they are

So next time that you need to restyle or build a home, you better check out Dallas roofing website for great roofing service deal. Enjoy your stay at home with your new roofing! happy to say that they are giving them two thumbs up not just for a job well done but also for agreeing the best deal between the company and the client.

Saturday Tag Train

1. Favorite flavor of toothpaste? Cool Menthol
2. Last stupid thing you have done? Forgot to bring my kiddo's diaper during our sleep-over at Aunt Kelly's house last night.
3. A goal you would like to achieve this year? To pursue a degree.
4. A smell that reminds you of your childhood? Cerelac
5. Favorite cereal? Oatmeal lang...
6. First thing in the morning, I….? washed my face and brush my teeth
7. What is your favorite flower? Sunflower, white roses
8. What is your favorite form of exercise? stretching in 1 minute hehehe!
9. Do you keep a journal/diary? Yes
10. Do you sing in the shower? Yes

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