Mommy and Prince Bendyk

Missing You...

I miss you...
Oh yes, I really, really, really miss you...
Naks emo ba toh?! Alright, been silent for like a decade (chos!) I was just very busy on errr...hibernating? hahaha! So what am I up to lately? I'm enjoying my laughing moment at work with my bunch of new friends. We're all a great match. And I mean it literally because we all have the same color troubling our minds. You betta check it out if you want lol!
Last week was just like any ordinary week except for me. I went to work without a sleep so I was answering calls as if I am just snoring from within. I attended a birthday party of my hubby's uncle and I was supposed to be off from work just for a drinking session, but my sup didn't let me to be idle even just for a shift, grrr! So yes, I missed the drinking session with my hubby's cousins and of course, I missed the most-awaited concert of that night. lakas noh?! hahaha! I went to work on my preferred time so I arrived late for more than an hour.
No worry though because I'm still off for another birthday party at my friend slash co-worker, Jean which will be held at their house in Antipolo. It's the same date for our batch's getaway night-out party in 8-waves, but Reah and me won't be attending that party. We just made excuses because we wanna celebrate Jean's birthday with the three of us ('D Original Friends) yeye!
Yesterday was our company's Sportsfest grand finals and we originally planned to watch the Cheering Squad competition since our batchmate-friend Eliza was part of it. But then again, Reah and I decided not to come since the competition will start after lunch and our shift ended at 8am and we are very much sleepy then. So we left the office and went to Prieto in Malate to send my gift to Jom, my youngest brother and Reah accompanied me. Take note, we are both commuting to and fro the province. She's from Laguna and I'm from Cavite. Isn't it so sweet of her? She super loves me hehehe!
Today, I just arrived home from work and I haven't dragged myself to bed yet. My prince, hubby and I will go to their house after lunch for a movie marathon with hubby's cousins. So I might as well get some sleep after the movie marathon. I had taken my drugs already hahaha! Just kidding, it's just stresstabs and propan so I may still have the energy to do all these stuff without sleep. Wish me luck!

It's my off from work starting tonight until tomorrow so I'm gonna be hibernating again...ZzzzZzzzz...
Okie, I'm signing off for now...It's lunch time...mwah!
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