Mommy and Prince Bendyk

Rain, Rain Go Away!

I hate it when we're going out when it rains. It's not really the rain that I hate about, but the way it sprinkles mud on our feet, and worst it leaves stains on the pants. And despite this fact, we're still off to Citihomes and SM today and no rain can stop us from doing so hehehe! I postponed the painting job and spent my Friday and Saturday in bed to compensate for those sleepy days before and after work. Tomorrow will be another working night for me so I have to grab this chance and unwind for sometime, even during this rainy sprinkling day!
Have a wonderful weekend, peeps!!!
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Sore Throat...

It's Friday and I just got home from work. I feel so tired today, arrghhh! It's not about the 10 hours of taking calls. What's getting into my nerves is when I had to deal with Irate oldies while balancing my AHT and QA stats. Grrrr! So I had to explain things, excuses, etc. all over again. It's part of the job though. But I never expected my voice to be huskier like this huhuhu! Anyway, I have 3 nights/days off from work to treat this sore throat. Wish me luck?! The two boys might get in their way and I might can't help it to shout at them again!

We're Finally HOME!

Today is the most awaited event of our moving in for this year. I can't remember how many homes we had for a newbie family like us. And it's another day of moving in and we're finally home, in Camella Homes! Yes, we are all excited! We have been looking forward into having our "home sweet home". For one, I can now continue working on my wild imaginations and make it happen. I have actually started it with exterior painting. Everything is in Amber Rose for the exterior and black paint on the window grills and gate. The first part of our home also comes in Amber Rose. And the rest will be painted in yellow...I'll tell you more about it after getting them done probably during my next day off.

Ciao for now...missing my blog a lot huhuhu!

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Back to Work

It's already Monday and it seems like I have never enjoyed my 3 rest days, lol! Kakabitin! Anyway, I am supposed to be snoring at this time. But I terribly missed blogging woooah! So here I am! It feels great doing what you love especially when you're munching on your faves hehehe!

Last night, as soon as I got home, I went to the kitchen and made my specialty salad: Avocado-Banana Salad ala Kristelita. I poured in lots of condensed milk over ice cubes on the bowl and the result is oh so yummy dessert! And up until now, I'm still savoring its taste! I still waaaant some more!

Gosh! I'll be meeting my brother in Makati Ave. tonight. So I have to be there 2 hours before my shift, which is at 10pm tonight. He just arrived this morning for his 1 day training and he'll be back home (Legazpi) tomorrow morning. I have to prepare now...ciao!

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A Day of Fun: Sunday

I was supposed to start decorating our new home in Camella, but hubby told me to cancel it and do it on my next day off. He went there with the electrician to check the wirings since the last time they did, it was all ruined. Then hubby texted me to bring them a lunch since they are already working on the wirings. So I prepared their lunch and left home with our prince. But before we went there, I dropped by at the hardware to buy a liter of paint. I was planning to paint the kitchen area while waiting for them, which didn't happen because I had to look after our prince who might touch any live wires that are scattered on the floor.
While hubby and the electrician were busy working on the wires, my prince and I were also busy munching on their snacks hahaha! One day was not enough to finish all the wiring works and that there's gonna be another Sunday for that single work, whew! It was almost 5pm when we left Camella. We arrived home in 10 mins. just by walking from Camella Homes' gate to Citihomes.
My prince and I had nothing to do at home so I grabbed my cam while my prince had his best shots hehehe! I'll show them to you later when I come back or probably tomorrow. I just need to go to SM to buy some stuff and hubby's cousin will be tagging along with me.
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We woke up early today and had our early lunch at 10am. Our little prince was very much excited so hubby and I decided that we go to Manila to fulfill his excitement. We had a little shopping and had snacks at Robinsons Ortigas. Until we decided to drop by at my aunt's house in Pasig. They were so happy to see us, especially their ultimate favorite, Santino hehehe! It's been a long time since the last time we visited them.
We left their place at 6pm. Our little prince was so tired and sleepy so we had to take the C5, otherwise, we'll be caught in a heavy traffic. We reached home at 8pm and my prince and I hit the bed right after taking our dinner. It was a very tiring day, but another memorable day for us...
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