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Quick Post of the Day!

Had filled our tummy tonight. I was about to hit my bed again, but I'd rather wait for a few more hours and go online instead. Been sleeping longer than 8 hours. I just wanna hibernate during my off from work since it's the perfect time of appreciating myself at least thrice a week, lol!

It's holiday in the US yipee! Unfortunately, I had to work tomorrow night (my off until Wednesday) in behalf of tonight's supposed work schedule grrrr! I thought I'll be having a super bonggang off from work this week, sigh!

Yesterday morning, I filed a VTO (voluntary time off), but I want it to take effect at 6:00am. Since there were no enough calls then, my sup said "ok!" but she told me to log out at 2:30am...Gosh! It's too early, grrr! Rhea and Kitkat envied me so they also filed a VTO. Where did we spend the rest of the hours? We had a food trip and headed our way to the sleeping room. We were hibernating until 6am. ZzZzzzzz...

Enough for this. It's time to go and check my facebook account...Ciao!

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