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Happy 24th Birthday Hubby!!! myspace graphic comments

Today, May 8, 2008 is my hubby's birthday! Yipee! He's now 24 years old. Tumatanda ka na hubby nyahaha! So what's for today? Well, I was actually planing days before his birthday that we'll be having a simple pool party. It was actually a surprise gift from me. But since I've already talked to his cousins about the plan, they forgot to zip their mouth when hubby came home, arrrggghhh! I knew it from the start that he won't like it. He hate spending too much for himself, even if it's for his birthday. Sigh!

Anyway, I just gave him a new Puma sneakers as my gift. I hate his fave Chuck Taylor sneakers. Well, he likes my gift so no need to argue, lolz!

Mah gift for his 24th birthday...

So today, we'll just go out for a date (kiligar hahaha!) We decided to watch a movie at the theater, a 'lil shopping and dine out. I'll also buy him a cake so he can make a wish and blow his candle...Yey! And oh, a cake would be a good "pulutan" for tonight. Yes! We're going to celebrate here (yes, right here)...2 pairs of beer bottles will do, a lampshade on and with background music. Oh how romantic! I know he'll love it...

So till here for now peeps...I'll be having my date with hubby (kiligar nyahahaha!)
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